KMH Thanks Lee Seung Gi for Help in Filming Movie GoongHap

CNBlue’s drummer Kang Min Hyuk talked about Lee Seung Gi’s good deed on Video Star. Kang Min Hyuk acted with Lee Seung Gi in the movie GoongHap that’s slated for release in the 2nd half of the year. He said, “At the time of filming, I was nervous because it was my first sageuk.” He then revealed, “SeungGi hyung not only gave me acting advice, but also put me at ease, so I’m very thankful.”

(This episode of Video Star will be aired on July 11.)

source: startoday via naver
English translation:

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4 Responses to KMH Thanks Lee Seung Gi for Help in Filming Movie GoongHap

  1. seungsoo15 says:

    Both my favourite together.. I am waiting for this movie desperately. My Boice and Airen feels ❤

  2. Hope Airen says:

    I like everyone with Seung Gi on that movie, and the one thing I’m not mad it got pushed too much is that we’ll see him interacting with them, I can’t wait for the bromance during promos. ❤ ❤ Even with SEK, she and Seung Gi seem to hit that sibling bond. *-*

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree on all accounts. He seems to connect well with SEK.

      This has all the right ingredients to hit big. LSG’s return after 2 years will definitely help it give it an even further push.

      I hope we won’t have to wait till October to see some footage and promos though. Late August or early September would be nice. That is if it’s going to be released in November or December.

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