2016.03 Lee Seung Gi Autographs

A non-fan posted these on dclsg, and said his/her family member(s) got these from SeungGi around March of last year.

To xx ❤

Wish you good luck always,

and I’ll always cheer for you!

To xx ❤

I hope you achieve your goal,

and always be healthy… ❤

To xx ❤

Gentle/innocent, cute, & charismatic xx!

Don’t get hurt. Get discharged in good health!

To xx-nim ❤

For the rest of your military service, fighting!

Wish you all the best!!

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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2 Responses to 2016.03 Lee Seung Gi Autographs

  1. Elvira campo says:

    So nice 👍

  2. magejoba says:

    As time has passed, that’s fine! In a short time, his Military Service is finished, although he has been absent, he has always been well remembered. Especially this page that has kept us informed. Thank you very much! God bless you all!

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