Lee Seung Gi Voted as Best Suited to Starring in DOTS Sequel

The Korea Defense Daily conducted an online survey, from July 17 to August 20, among active military officers and soldiers, asking “Who would be best suited for the lead roles if a sequel to Descendants of the Sun were to be produced?”

1266 officers and soldiers participated in the survey, and Lee Seung Gi was their #1 pick for the lead actor with 245 votes.

The participants who chose Lee Seung Gi commented, “He seems to have done very well in military discipline as a Special Forces Man,” “Because he’s an actor who can express a soldier’s basic attitude and great discipline very well,” “As a fellow soldier, I’d like to see him entering his 2nd golden age after he’s discharged.”

Other actors: #2 PSJ 182 votes, #3 JCW 142 votes, #4 YSH 112 votes

Actresses: #1 HHJ 192 votes, #2 MCW 164 votes, #3 KJW 140 votes, #4 PBY 118 votes, #5 BSJ 91 votes

credit: asiae via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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7 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Voted as Best Suited to Starring in DOTS Sequel

  1. KalAi28 says:

    Well, honestly I don’t like the idea him being in dots II. SJK is already identified in the character in dots I and comparison is inevitable. We know how harsh some fans can be.
    So I’d rather Seunggi star on a new fresh drama and a build his own character. All I wish for his comeback to be Daebak!
    Seunggi, fighting!!! miss you!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just DOTS is a hit drama last year so it’s used as a typical. Seung Gi topped the survey was more like they wanted Seung Gi to play as an NCO in a drama with army background in future. In the soldiers’ eyes right now the star Lee Seung Gi who’s doing very well as an active duty soldier in SWC is a proud. If we look at the result, even Song Joong Ki who was the main lead in DOTS only ranked at #9 with 54 votes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Sequels to mega popular titles are generally not a good idea. DotS is better left alone. That drama gave birth to a wedding between it’s two main stars. You don’t want to compete with that.

  2. Hope Airen says:

    3 of Seung Gi’s previous leading ladies were picked 😆 I’d love to see him with Han Hyo Joo again, I like their chemistry and like them both as individuals.
    Now about DotS, imo, King 2 Hearts is a far superior drama, if anything, I want him to do a drama like that again, it was well written and consistent from start to end, had an amazing directing, the acting was top notch and I loved the mixture of many genres, from rom-com, romance, melo, action… It’s also one of the few dramas that executed the “making of a king” is a realistic and superb way and didn’t forget its topic “reuniting the two Koreas” for the sake of romance.
    I really hope Seung Gi does a drama of k2h’s caliber with Brilliant Legacy’s ratings. (I’m greedy, I know :p I can’t help it, I want the best for him.)

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