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17.09.21 SWC Autumn Concert Fanpics 4 – Lee Seung Gi

I think the guy who posted this is a Special Forces officer: Wearing exactly the same parachute uniform, but why is he so good-looking? … Was it airbrushed? … #LeeSeungGi #Soldier #Sergeant #Envy #40DaysBeforeHisDischarge credit: minimin94 English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com Advertisements

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Even High Altitude Jump’s No Problem… Lee Seung Gi, Special Force’s Dignity

Looks like Dispatch has been stalking fan sites again (even though they claimed that these “exclusive photos” were provided by a reader who attended the concert):

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Group Photo with Private Lee Seung Gi

Based on SeungGi’s uniform, this was probably taken sometime after his basic training and before he went to 13th Brigade. All the other soldiers in the picture had green shoulder patches (which SeungGi wears now), so were they all squad … Continue reading

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17.09.21 SWC Autumn Concert Fancams – Lee Seung Gi

Unfinished Story #특전사 #육군사관학교 #가을콘서트 #연주회 #이승기 #아직못다한이야기 A post shared by 한현송 (@fagottist_hyun) on Sep 22, 2017 at 1:59am PDT

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