To Catch Lee Seung Gi… BTS Story of tvN Lineup Change

My guess is that Hook has already signed SeungGi up to star in Hwayugi (while practicing the art of a 1+1 package deal) and is just waiting for his discharge to make an official announcement. I can understand Hook’s desire to grow as an agency (who doesn’t want more money, right?), but did anyone tell Hook that YG is not exactly a good role model (especially when their obnoxious media play & interference in the production has affected SG)? Right now, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that SeungGi would surprise us (pleasantly, of course) at his discharge.

tvN recently announced that it’s adding a short (4-6 episodes) remake drama to its lineup, and this article explains that SeungGi actually played a role in this development:

The pressing matter for Hwayugi is whether or not Lee Seung Gi will join the cast. Starting from the early stage of production, Hwayugi has been sending love calls to Lee Seung Gi. But because Lee Seung Gi is serving in the military, he cannot easily decide on (accepting the offer). By adding the remake drama to the lineup, it secures a few extra weeks’ time (for Hwayugi). The production crew hopes that it would help Lee Seung Gi who’s returning from the military adjust to the filming set and act more easily.

credit: ytn via naver
English translation:

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5 Responses to To Catch Lee Seung Gi… BTS Story of tvN Lineup Change

  1. piratri says:

    Thank you.. ❤❤

  2. Yon says:

    I hope Seung Gi has a say in the decision making, don’t get pressurized by Hook or any of the actors he is close with in the drama. If he doesn’t feel comfortable to start filming a drama immediately, i hope he reject it . But if he feels good and confident, then go ahead. I will support him in whatever he do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t mind the 1+1 package deal. Hook has done this numerous time with Teacher-Seunggi or Seunggi-Seojin/Seojin-Seunggi, though their relationship is closer than Seunggi-Bora so it feels more natural (I know they are friend too, but rarely seen both of them on camera, so it’s just my opinion actually). Most of the time it’s what the star want/agree too to support each other. I prefer variety first, but whether he’s accepting the role or not I’ll support him.

  4. lsgfan says:

    I want to scream from frustration

    Hook, Seunggi doesnt deserve this for his comeback drama, we dont deserve this. I feel so frustrated. If it flops it will be such a taint in his career. I think he should start with a variety show. Its one place he i dont think will ever go wrong in.

    • Seunggi is life Taehyung is love says:

      Nothing decided yet..just think positive what is Seunggi decision after his discharge..we will wait and see😘😃

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