Local Residents in Jeungpyeong Cheer for Lee Seung Gi

This is so touching! SeungGi is really loved wherever he goes! And these are the non-military people who saw SeungGi the most during the last 21 months.

Congratulations on Top Star Lee Seung Gi’s military discharge!
You’ve really worked so hard all this time~~
–From all the residents of Deoksang-3-ri

credit: sgsunylove
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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7 Responses to Local Residents in Jeungpyeong Cheer for Lee Seung Gi

  1. lsgfan says:

    He is loved by everyone. Its amazing to see

    I dont know whether you will see this tryp96 but I would like to thank you for ur non stopping love and u keeping us updated on seunggi for this whole 2 years he was away. If it wasnt for this blog I wouldnt have known what and how he was doing in military. tomorrow he is a big for all of us.

  2. I dont think I’ll be hitting bed tonight! the thought of him exiting tomorrow gives me an enormous exciting feeling! we have representatives from AirenPh in Korea and they’re equally excited there’s no room for sleeping! this is such a big big day to the Airen world!

  3. Seunggi is life Taehyung is love says:

    I don’t know how to express myself..i feel like a proud noona for our sunshine Lee Seunggi..to tryp96 millions thanks to you for your kindness,hardwork to gave us everything about Lee Seunggi..thank you so much tryp96😘

  4. Nenita Cuevas says:

    The only superstar that everyone is excited and welcoming his return..how i wish i could also be there to witness his release from the military… i won’t regret choosing him as my idol ..I love you Seunggi..,Welcome Back

  5. ikonreads says:

    the only artist i’ve waited and waited patiently while watching try96 peeling the calendar days from his entering to military to finishing his duty….let’s throw a party…yuhoo…for tomorrow…finally…

  6. Thank you all from the Blog that leaves us informed about everything from Lee Seung gi, I as a Brazilian fan I am here anxious to see you acting and singing I love this artist very much God bless you always.

  7. Yon says:

    i couldn’t sleep because i’m too excited. just in 8hours, we will get to see Seung Gi coming out from his army camp!! even though i’m not able to make it to Korea, but i’m sure pictures of him completing his army duties will bring a smile to my face. I think my colleagues will be curious why i’m smiling all day tomorrow, kekeke…

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