18.01.01 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

A great start to the new year! Happy new year to SeungGi and Airens!

*Update* According to Nielsen, Jipsabu Ep 1 peak rating was 14%. Its 2049 target rating was 6.0%, ranked #1 among ALL the variety programs aired on December 31.

17.12.31 Nielsen ratings

#6 Jipsabu (part 2) 10.4% (national), 11.1% (Seoul)
#19 Jipsabu (part 1) 6.5% (national), 6.9% (Seoul)

17.12.31 TNMS ratings

#6 Jipsabu (part 2) 10.5% (national), 12.0% (Seoul)
#17 Jipsabu (part 1) 6.8% (national), 7.4% (Seoul)

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9 Responses to 18.01.01 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

  1. Desy says:

    Where I can watch it?? I want to download it now. 😣😣

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi tryp,
    What does 2049 target rating mean?

    • A M says:

      That’s audience in the age group from 20-year-old to 49-year-old. Apparently that age group has the biggest spending power/desires. Thus they are the targeted group for advertising. Hwayugi also scored the highest in that group~~

    • tryp96 says:

      It’s the rating among audience aged 20 to 49, which is the usual target for advertisers. So the higher target rating, the more advertising dollars.

  3. Yon says:

    i just finished watching the chinese sub, it was interesting and funny at the same time (before they met the Master), 🙂 🙂 they played a prank on Lee Sang Yoon, haha…

    I can say, Seung Gi variety sense did not disappear or lessen.. On the filming day, he was only discharged from army for 1 month and can’t stop talking about army life, Yook Sung Jae nearly doze off.. Yang Se Hyung has to tell Seung Gi to stop talking about army after the traffic light, hahaha..

    Looking forward to episode 2 !

    • Anonymous says:

      Lucky you! Where to get the eng sub one?

      Well he couldnt stop talking abt army life in hwayugi too! Lol

      • Yon says:

        i usually watched chinese sub as it will be uploaded in about 2days time (for variety shows).

        i’m not sure if kshow123 will sub this show, but as at now, i don’t see it in their list.

  4. azn says:

    where can i watch this variety show?

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