18.01.08 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

Master Jeon In Kwon said in an interview, “I really got the feeling that (Lee Seung Gi) is a star endowed with everything. But he also has a modest/humble side, so he left a good impression on me.”


Online survey: “Who would you give a free pass in an interview as soon as you see them?”
A total of 6,758 votes cast, 2,069 votes (30.6%) went to SeungGi.



Update: According to Nielsen, Jipsabu Ep 2’s 2049 target rating was 5.7% & ranked #1 among all programs in its time slot. Its peak rating was 12.2%, when SeungGi sneaked out of the master’s room at night because of hunger.

18.01.07 Nielsen ratings

#14 Jipsabu (part 2) 7.6% (nationwide), 8.3% (Seoul)
Jipsabu (part 1) 6.6% (nationwide), 6.8% (Seoul)


#1 Hwayugi 6.060% (nationwide), 6.439% (Seoul)
#14 Hwayugi rerun 1.7% (nationwide)

18.01.07 TNMS ratings

#18 Jipsabu (part 2) 6.4% (nationwide)


#1 Hwayugi 7.0% (nationwide)
#10 Hwayugi rerun 1.9% (nationwide)
#13 Hwayugi rerun 1.7% (nationwide)

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3 Responses to 18.01.08 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

  1. Anonymous says:

    He sneaked out? Lol. Seunggi yaaahhh. So so glad you are back in variety.

  2. A M says:


  3. hezel villagomez says:

    Keep up the great work.이승기. 오빠.

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