18.01.16 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

Actor Jang Gwang (Sa OhJung) was in a minor car accident (his vehicle was rear-ended) on his way to Hwayugi filming set in Anseong this morning. He still proceeded with the filming, but his agency says he’ll go to a hospital for a check-up afterwards. His future filming schedule will be adjusted accordingly. I hope he’s ok! And I hope everyone involved in this drama will stay safe and sound!!!

Just a few days ago, Jang Gwang praised our SeungGi in his interview.

“This was my first time meeting Lee Seung Gi in a project. He has an extremely good personality. He treats his sunbaes very well. And he’s very diligent in his acting. When we were reading together, before shooting, trying to adjust to each other, he also worked hard to adjust, and I think we matched well.”

source: obs via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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1 Response to 18.01.16 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

  1. tropautumngirl says:

    My thoughts and prayers to Jang Gwang. Hope that you will recover fully.

    So many unfortunate incidents plague the filming of this incredible drama. I think we Airens shouldo unite and bring strong and positive energy to the production crew and to our SG. I love how the drama is going and I wish so much that SG-ah and his fellow workmates in this production will be safe, the injured to have a speedy and full recovery.

    With much much love and blessings.

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