18.01.21 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

Not sure what happened with the rating. The episode was much shorter than usual; I wonder if the rating was calculated with all those extra commercials aired during that time slot. Hwayugi, fighting!

18.01.20 Cable Nielsen Ratings

#1 Hwayugi 5.131% (nationwide) 5.044% (Seoul)

18.01.20 Cable TNMS Ratings

#1 Hwayugi 6.1% (nationwide)
#20 Hwayugi rerun 1.6% (nationwide)

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5 Responses to 18.01.21 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

  1. A M says:

    Now that you mentioned it, I remember seeing ratings based on a drama (or a show) itself (minus all the ad time) and ratings based on the whole time slot. I enjoyed Ep 7 a lot. Hwayugi, fighting!

  2. HHISC says:

    I read there was big sporting event also on.?? maybe that as well.

  3. Yon says:

    i enjoyed Epi 7 alot as well, it’s getting better & better. Hope the rating for today’s episode will be better.

  4. melissa says:

    I think because it ended 20 minutes earlier than normal. The end of the show is obviously the highest rated part and it was already over by the time more people tuned in. hopefully it’s better tomorrow

  5. judepps says:

    Huwayugi was a great drama yet i wonder why it never break to a double digit rating. For me, this drama has no dull moments, the story is fast paced and compelling i could’nt find any issues why it did’nt hit double digit even if it is given that it is in cable channel.

    Crossing my fingers soon people will realize how good this drama is! Fighthing!

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