Lee Seung Gi on Decision to Star in Goonghap

Going beyond dramas and variety, Lee Seung Gi is advancing onto the big screen. Through Goonghap that’s to be released in February.

In the movie Goonghap, Lee Seung Gi plays the best diviner in the Joseon Dynasty, Seo Do Yoon, who reads other people’s destiny while not even knowing his own fate.

The movie is a divination comedy of Joseon’s best diviner Seo Do Yoon interpreting the marital compatibility between Princess SongHwa and the King’s son-in-law candidates in order to find the best compatibility and change Joseon’s fate.

Lee Seung Gi expressed his confidence regarding Goonghap, “Goonghap is one of the favorite subject matters of Korean people. Starting from the scenario, (the movie) was robust and fun. So I became eager to appear in this movie.”

source: star.mk via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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