18.01.28 Lee Seung Gi News Tidbits

Hwayugi, fighting!

Nationwide, Ep 9’s peak rating was 5.9%. Its 2049 target rating was 4.9% average, 5.4% peak. In Seoul, peak rating was 6.5%. Among female viewers in their 40s, the average rating was 12%, peak was 13.6%.

18.01.27 Cable Nielsen Ratings

#1 Hwayugi 5.054% (nationwide) 5.539% (Seoul)

18.01.27 Cable TNMS Ratings

#1 Hwayugi 5.8% (nationwide)
#10 Hwayugi rerun 2.0% (nationwide)
#20 Hwayugi rerun 1.6% (nationwide)

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