Jipsabu PD “Lee Dae Ho Guested Because of Loyalty to Lee Seung Gi”

This is a really long article, so I’m just translating selectively.

Jipsabu PD Lee Se Young told OSEN on January 29, “Actually, when we recruited (Master Lee Dae Ho), the show was not broadcast yet, we could only explain it with words. Because it’s Lee Seung Gi’s variety comeback project, he said right away ‘I should do it’ (even though he had concerns about workout schedule & etc.).”

“The members have become close very quickly as they eat & sleep and experience the pain of hunger together… There will likely be more ‘bromance chemistry.'”

(As for SeungGi filming drama & variety at the same time) “It’s already shown on broadcast, but ‘Passion SeungGi’ is really full of passion, and he ask us not to worry because he’s fine. His physical stamina and mental willpower are really great. Even though it’s clearly tiring, he really likes doing variety, and the filming is fun and exciting for him.”

source: osen via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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25 Responses to Jipsabu PD “Lee Dae Ho Guested Because of Loyalty to Lee Seung Gi”

  1. HHISC says:

    I thought it was strange, they presented the show as if they didn’t know each other.

    • tryp96 says:

      I don’t think that’s the case. SeungGi just didn’t know who the master was going to be (LDH probably didn’t give him a heads up). And after the master was revealed, they probably didn’t want to act too friendly with each other since SeungGi was there to learn from him. But there were still a few moments that made to the broadcast that showed off their close relationship (e.g. LDH said he wanted to hike down the mountain with SG, and when they made a video call to LDH’s wife after leaving the gym, they talked about how much the daughter had grown since SG last saw her…).

      • HHISC says:

        I haven’t seen the 2nd part yet, was just surprised at the reveal being void of a reunion feel.

      • Anon says:

        lmao i thk the real reason is to cater to the other useless member & that shit useless idol……

        • revolu says:

          no need to be negative

          • Anon says:

            if it is a fact and truth, nothing changes that it is a fact and truth. Negative or positive does not matter…..we dont live in delusion

        • Dhedi says:

          Seems you have a lot of bitterness! Chill and relax dude! Just enjoy the show!!!😜😜

          • Anon says:

            how so when what i stated is a fact he had to act as he is not close to someone cause the other cast will look totally out of place and irrelevant lmao

        • camille_airen says:

          He isn’t useless. I think everyone on the group has their own purpose. Their chemistry & relationship with each other is just starting to unfold.

          • Anon says:

            lmao yeah how is he not useless when all he can do is do that act cute shy nonsense lmao….and being a vase lmao……..replace him with kjk haha etc there would be a rise in performance of every1……

  2. revolu says:

    How did they meet, 1n2d?

    • camille_airen says:

      Seunggi & LDH first met in Busan back in 1n2d. When Seunggi was assigned to Busan alone. He called Lee Dae Ho if they can meet & DaeHo gladly accepted. They went to eat somewhere in a tent.

  3. msbenet says:

    was he the one Seunggi met with during 1n2d when he was assigned in Busan? where he ate all those delicious street food while people were taking pictures of him? waah, the memories. I keep thinking if that was him while watching the episode except it was not mentioned -understandably- at Jipsabu.
    I am loving this show! Of course 1n2d holds an irreplaceable special place in my heart but I’m glad Seunggi is the main MC here where we can see him shine more brightly. I also like that Sang Yun and Yung Jae (?) are with him, both still green about Variety but I hope people will give them a chance and not be too hasty in judgement.

    • Anon says:

      lmao that trash vase idol does nothing but act cute shy nonsense….the fact that the other 3 cast and the show name trended while that shit idol is irrelevant and forgettable lmao….they should replace idol with a better and useful cast like haha or kjk….

      • Dhedi says:

        No need to be rude.

        • Anon says:

          unfortunately truth hurts asf lmao…..irrelevant forgettable vase idol who adds nothing…..better cast out there to replace that lame idol….

          • Fave says:

            Gosh, you are so annoying. Please stop already.

            • Anon says:

              lmao did it hurt your feeble idol feeling lmao…..your idol is irrelevant and extra that should be cut off from the show lmao…cant believe lsg has to babysit that shit….

              • camille_airen says:

                Seriously? And do u think Seunggi will like what you have been saying?

                • Anon says:

                  matters little as its a performance based industry neway…..perform like shit then you get shit coming your way……simple life facts….and that idol is useless and not performing at all but freeloading

  4. Anon says:

    haha some pressed idol bitch down voting comment lmao…..your and your shit loser vase idol are irrelevant and trash…..freeloaders and add nothing to the show…..lmao gtfo with your useless act cute shy rubbish idol trash….way better cast like kjk and haha to replace that irrelevant useless idol….

    • Anon says:

      lmao yeah keep down voting cause i hit the nail on the head lmao…truth hurts lmao….as well as butthurt idol fangirls cause their oppa is shit…..remove that trash idol from the show and this show will dramatically improve….that is a plain fact lmao….keep staying butthurt loser idol bitches…..the fact the other 3 cast have more presence than your cheesy cringy embarrasing idol trash….fml cut that useless idol from the show….he is affecting the ratings…..no korean public or adult wants to see that shit…..

      • billygoatgruff says:

        Hey everyone, this “Anon” has been plaguing every comment thread about Lee Seung Gi with his/her nonsense and rude behaviour. Let’s just completely ignore this troll- don’t feed it and don’t even bother downvoting. He/she is just probably having some real issues that he/she can’t deal with IRL and just spewing all over the web. Pity him/her and don’t bother engaging. I do wish though that if he/she wanted to waste so much Internet real estate that he/she would at least bother with proper spelling/grammar. Pity…

        • Anon says:

          since when? i only appeared on this thread lmao….butthurt bitch is pressed….where is my grammatical or spelling error as you suggested bitch….lmao & your assumption is just like a stupid teen lmao….do you even know about psychology? Pretty sure i have a better life than you….Rofl and funny you said to ignore me but cannot resist commenting…..i will await your reply now bitch….fact check lmao btw you and your shit useless irrelevant idol are still trash lmao….stay pressed and butthurt about your trash vase freeloader shit idol that no1 cares….lmao adults and korean public obviously dgaf about that mf trash like you useless bitch

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