2018 Lee Seung Gi Fan Meeting in Bangkok Ticketing Guide

*updated* Many thanks to LSGKWA for the multi-language translation! Good luck getting tickets in a few hours!

Part 1: Registration

Part 2: Purchase

2018 Lee Seung Gi Fanmeeting in Bangkok

Ticket on Sale : Saturday 17th March 2018, 10AM(Thai Local Time) onwards at http://www.thelimethailand.com

Ticket Information (Terms and Condition)

1. Ticket Buyers have to register an account at the website and login on Saturday 17th March 2018, 10AM(Thai Local Time) at http://www.thelimethailand.com to purchase a ticket.

Registration is Free of Charge. The member will need to login using their username and password for ticket purchase and other account activities.

2. Tickets will be sold on
via http://www.thelimethailand.com
Once you login the system, the member has to select preferred ticket price, preferrred zone and seat number. You may select up to 4 seats with the same price and the same zone. (If the member would like to purchase more than 4 seats, he/she will need to place another order after completing the existing one.)
**Only ticket buyers residing in Thailand get to have their ticket deliver via EMS and the delivery fee will be charged via system at 50 Baht.

3. After all the selection have been made, the system will store your reservation details and generate a reservation code. (Please take note of the code.)

There are 2 modes of payment:
– Credit Card/Paypal: The system will redirect to you to the Credit Card system. There will be a Service Charge fee of 5%.
– Bank Transfer: The system will indicate the total amount to pay, the Bank Account Details that the member has to transfer the money to, and you will need to indicate your payment detail under ‘View Order’. The Bank Account that the members have to transfer the money to is Siam Commercial Bank (Full detail will be shown after booking)The member may transfer the money via ATM, over the Bank counter or Internet Banking. The Total Payment contains Double Digits (Satang/x,xxx.xx). Please transfer the exact value so that it easy for checking.

– After the payment is made, please indicate date/time of money transfer under View Order within the given time frame; after the time frame, it will be considered that the member has cancel the reservation. The reservation will be cancelled from the system. The organizer will not be held responsible for this cancellation.

*** Time frame that the member has to pay for the ticket(s) *** (Within 4 hours)

– After the member indicated the details under View Order to inform the organizer about the payment details. The Organiser will review the payment within 24 hours. The member may check the details within 24hrs again after submission of the payment details on the View Order menu. If the purchased tickets are not confirmed on system, please kindly contact the ticket officers immediately at thelimeticket@gmail.com

4. Please keep the proof of payment i.e. payment slip (**Recommend the member to take photos of the slip to prevent color fading) and Reservation Code in order to collect the ticket(s) This is to prevent fraud.

5. After the reservation is submitted, the member is not allow to change any reservation details and will not allow to cancel the reservation at any case and no refund is allowed.

6. Ticket price do not include the plastic card. There will be a cost for plastic card at 20 baht.

7. Self Pick Up Tickets can be done at the ticket kiosk at the Fanmeet venue from 1.00 pm (Thailand Time)

For more information, please visit
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TheLimeThailand/
or inquire any information at thelimeticket@gmail.com

credit: LSGKWA

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1 Response to 2018 Lee Seung Gi Fan Meeting in Bangkok Ticketing Guide

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am Thai’s Airen would like to share Seung gi’s fan meet ticket has been sold out in only 7 minutes. Wonderful ^ _ ^

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