Taiwan Celebrity Shares Experience Fangirling Lee Seung Gi

Her name is 小甜甜 (XiaoTianTian), and she’s an entertainer and actress (I had to look her up because I haven’t watched any TV shows from Taiwan in a LONG time). She became a huge fan of SeungGi after watching Hwayugi (you can see old posts of 50 on her IG), and then she watched all his old dramas, movies, and variety shows (which are her favorite). SeungGi is the first Korean celebrity that she ever fell for. When she heard the news of Taipei FM, she actually managed to buy a VIP ticket on her own! She said this was her first time ever going to see a Korean star by herself. She wondered if she should dress up as a XiaoLongBao (! 😆 ) to get SeungGi’s attention at the FM, but she ended up staying low-key. The fans sitting next to her did recognize her. They taught her how to participate in the special fan support event and reminded her about the handshake session at the end. So she was able to enjoy 1 second of handshake and 1 second of eye contact, and that made her very, very happy. 😛

credit: riva0913/xiaotiantian0913
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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