Lee Seung Gi Debut 14th Anniversary Support Project

This is a part of China Baidu LSG Bar’s fan support project for SeungGi’s 14th debut anniversary. A big thanks to AnnMichelle for translating and sharing it with us. “This is such a meaningful project. And it has achieved its goal in an afternoon!”

Charity Effort

“I hope to share the love I’ve received with people in need of help.” – Lee Seung Gi

To celebrate Seung Gi’s 14th debut anniversary this year, China Baidu LSG Bar will embark on, in the name of LSG China Airen, a sapling planting project in Alxa League, Inner Mongolia. In the first phase of the project, 1,314 saplings will be planted, to signify “一生一世陪伴” or being together a whole lifetime. We hope that by creating a “Lee Seung Gi Love Forest” (to be commemorated officially) through the love and support of Chinese fans, we can make some contribution to the prevention and control of desertification of our motherland.

Our partners in this project are: China Green Foundation, National Board of Forestry, United Nations Environment Programme, and World Meteorological Organization.
The plant chosen for this project, sweetvetch (Hedysarum scoparium Fisch. & C.A. Mey.), is a windbreaking, dune-fixing plant in the group of compound type overlocking forest plants.

① Sweetvetch is hardy against both cold and hot weathers. Its deep taproots allow the
plant to extract deep soil moisture and nutrients resulting in significant drought resistance and grow to lush foliage. The characteristics are very similar to what Seung Gi has shown during his military enlistment and throughout his entertainment career.

② Its root, stem, bark, leaf, and seed all have important application values. It can be said that every part of sweetvetch is valuable, just like our multi-talented Seung Gi, who has been active in so many different arenas.

③ Sweetvetch can grow for more than 70 years. That symbolizes China Airen’s wish to accompany Seung Gi from now till 70 years old.

Ever since its foundation, China Baidu LSG Bar has been a platform for Chinese fans to give most sincere congratulations and well wishes to Seung Gi on his debut anniversary. His debut date is almost as significant as his birthday. We are very grateful that Seung Gi gave up opportunities to excel in other fields but has performed so brilliantly in the entertainment industry. We so cherish the gentle and warm companionship, encouragement, and considerations he imparts to our lives.

This year is also a very special year. He made a successful comeback through the drama, Hwayugi. He also leads a brand-new variety line in the show, All about the House Master. His performances have captured the hearts of so many Chinese fans.

On this anniversary, China Baidu LSG bar, as a platform for Chinese fans, would like to make a vow of long lasting, unwavering support for Seung Gi. Through this romantic act of “plant today for shade tomorrow,” we wish Seung Gi will receive more continuing love from Chinese fans, as the sweetvetch plant grows and grows. We also wish for more sustainable development for our country as we firmly believe improved and better ecosystems benefit all the people.


English translation by AnnMichelle

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