[Eng] 18.06.05 From SeungGi

For SeungGi’s original message in Korean, please visit leeseunggi.com

Thank you to the fans who have been with me in the 14 years since debut 2018-06-05

Hello, this is SeungGi ^^
I’m leaving a FS (FromSeunggi) message after a long time. Every now and then, I’ve tried to greet you through the company Instagram.
It’s somewhat late (?) to greet you here. I’m sorry that I’m an entertainer who has no confidence in writing messages or taking pictures. ㅎ

June 5, 2004.
That day in my senior year of high school when I stood in front of you for the first time singing Because You’re My Woman on a program called Music Core while sweating profusely is still not forgotten. Because it was one of the tensest days in my life.

Overly exuberant lyrics and melody.
I want to convey my sincere gratitude to fans who, from either 2004 or later until now, have been with the lacking entertainer Lee Seung Gi who somehow hid things like humor and talent so well from view.

I hadn’t felt this in the past, but I am grateful and happy that you chose me among so many charming and wonderful entertainers in South Korea.
Without your support and love, I wouldn’t have been able to be active like this.

When I made my debut, looking at sunbaenims who debuted more than 10 years earlier,
I wondered if I would also be able to work as an entertainer for that long.
In hopes of being able to attain all the truths of the entertainment industry after over 10 years,
I’ve been doing this job for 14 years even though it doesn’t seem to be a long time. ㅎ
In fact, if you ask me if I am an expert in my field yet, I’m afraid that the answer will be no.

I’m truly still always uncertain and curious; I’m working hard to overcome the limits I reach all the time.

And I thought I would be really thankful just to be able to return safely after military discharge,
but starting with drama, and then variety and movie, I think I came running with great passion for 6 months without even time to breathe.
You’ve been a big support for me to return successfully like this. ^^

Already heading toward the halfway point of 2018, it’s June 5, the 14th anniversary.
Compared with the time I want to spend with you in the future, 14 years is definitely not a long time,
but I’m a truly blessed person to be able to come so far without any major mishap.
I think I am a happy/blissful person.

There was good news along with the 14th anniversary celebration today, right?
Drama ‘Vagabond’ confirmation news ㅎㅎ
I heard from some acquaintances about fans’ anticipation with regard to this drama.
I’m glad to be able to present a character and project that you guys want to see.

Because this project will be broadcast as a pre-production, you won’t be able to see it shortly like other dramas.
But as such, through great effort and filming practices that hadn’t been done before, I’ll greet you with a wonderful project that can become a representative work in my filmography.
Please wait calmly. ^^

In the meantime, let’s spend weekends together watching Master in the House. ^^

If I could split up my body with BunShin magic [分身术, being in multiple places at once], I would do everything I wanted to do at the same time.
Well, seeing that I’m alone, the time has come for me to arrange my management and output well in order to run longer. ㅠㅠ
Therefore, please wait with composure, and I’ll show you one by one like peeling an onion. ㅋㅋ

To all our fans who have always given me support and love from your unwavering hearts, thank you, and I love you.
This is said all the time, but your personal happiness is the most important,
so please support me with a happy frame of mind, but absolutely don’t overtax yourself!!

For the rest of 2018, I’ll be busy working hard, and I’ll consider carefully what kind of charm to show you again and get prepared^^.
Take good care of your health, and let’s always be together in the future too!!

To all the fans who congratulated me, thank you so much, and I love you.^^

– From SeungGi –

source: leeseunggi.com
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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10 Responses to [Eng] 18.06.05 From SeungGi

  1. A M says:

    Thank you so much for the translation. Seung Gi writes with the greatest charms and sincerity. It’s as if he’s talking to me in real person!

  2. sundawati aja says:

    Good luck and love you too jajjangmyun oppa!! 😝😝😘😘❤❤❤

  3. AY says:

    Thanks so much for doing this despite your busy schedule.

  4. rika says:

    thank you so much dear tryp for translating..🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  5. Law says:

    Thank you so much tryp.. I didn’t see this earlier. Thank you.

  6. Kati says:

    Thank you for the translation. This is a letter must read by every Airen.

  7. Aldavik5 says:

    Thank you for relaying the message to us. We are very thankful to you tryp96 for being the Airen on the pulse of everything and keeping us in the loop. Thank you for your hard work. Stay strong and good health to you.

  8. rosariogloria42 says:

    As always, the Lee Seung Gi I have always adored and love. With this letter you showed that you are still so humble, the trait I so love in you. Giving it back to you….don’t overtax yourself, take care of yourself and your health. And with happiness and peaceful mind I shall eagerly wait for Vagabond.
    To tryp…thanks a lot for sharing everything about Lee Seung Gi.

  9. Hasmah says:

    I always love it when he write to fans. It as if u can see him in front of u & u can certainly felt d emotions. How thankful he is to his fans. We are also thankful to u Seung Gi. Look forward to more of ur activities. Saranghae.. 🙆😘😍💕

  10. Lorraine says:

    Hi Seungi,
    thank you for your comments, it means a lot to hear from you. i am a big fan from Australia, unfortunatly i don’t have the same access to all your work. Thank God for Utube. I have been going through some major changes in my life receintly and your music has been a great support to me.
    I think you a re a great talent and I look forward to all your future endevours.
    Thank you for the last 14 years.
    Lots of Love

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