Lee Seung Gi Jibsabu Ep 27 Still Cuts 4

credit: SBSjipsabu

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5 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Jibsabu Ep 27 Still Cuts 4

  1. Tropautumngirl says:

    Oh my…those eye lashes…gulp

    I’ve actually seen Seung Gi in person at the fan meet in Singapore last week. He has long eyes…very very handsome. He looks a little thin, cheeks were sunken. I think he should eat well, not be afraid to eat, then exercise to keep in shape. He did say at fan meet that he is afraid of putting on weight. Haiz…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone mentioned those eyelashes. I think hes just keeping to the standards koreans expect from celebrities. Hes not the type to go against the trend.
    But i do wish he would feel free to love and get married and build a family. It broke my heart when i saw him looking at the married couple going down the stage. It was an awkward quiet moment for the talkative him.

    • TropicalAutumnGirl says:

      I agree with you. Seung Gi entered the industry really young. He never had a chance to experience life as a usual teenager / young adult. Like many young korean celebrities then and now he had to conform to expectations. I noticed the mixed emotions too. I wish to see him fall in love, eat well too. However, being a fan I also wish him to see him more. Dilemma! No matter what, I’m sure his fans will support him no matter what!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ooo you saw that look too? He was really quiet for a few seconds when he watched them. And seunggi being seunggi, his face is easy to read. I felt really sad at that moment.

        • TropicalAutumnGirl says:

          …trust me…i was staring at his face all the time…😍 didn’t care much about anything or anyone else. So yes.. i noticed and wondered how he felt. SEUNG GI shi, Hwaiting!!!!! 💞

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