19.10.13 Lee Seung Gi Incheon Airport Fanpics

SeungGi has safely returned to Seoul:

credit: leapdragon0229, bryankeith21, universi_lsg

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1 Response to 19.10.13 Lee Seung Gi Incheon Airport Fanpics

  1. Nene 65 says:

    Airen Philippines here.. It was wan awesome experience to have him with us for a day.. breathe the same air.. having a Fan Meeting.. even though with a no touch policy.. the experience is so great man cannot move but we need to.. my first move was to change my fb profile pic changed back to the people close to me personally however before sleeping I watch the video of Fan Meeting.
    Seungi-shi.. gomawo.. for visiting Airen Ph.. this means a lot to me. Hook Entertainment for sharing their Hallyu / Triple Treat Artist with us.
    Seung-shi please come back soon if not later.
    Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart

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