Lee Seung Gi Voted #1 Multi-talented Star Who Cannot Be Defined By Only One Career

Gosh, I haven’t posted one of these in so long!

DC Inside x MyCelebs conducted a survey asking “Which multi-talented star cannot be defined by only one career like gag, singing, MC, or acting?” from October 27 to November 2. Lee Seung Gi was ranked #1 with 79.6% of the netizens’ votes.

credit: theceluv
English translation: tryp96

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9 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Voted #1 Multi-talented Star Who Cannot Be Defined By Only One Career

  1. Nenita Valle Cuevas says:

    Lee Seunggi deserved the title Multi Talented Star he is good in every field…

  2. Jane Vargas says:

    I voted him, coz he deserve it. He is Multi- Talented in all aspect. And we will support him tell the end, i remember what he said “In the future, please stay with me and continue being my compass,” Lee Seung Gi Saranghe!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      as he presented a clean lifestyle with all his talents and blessings, may he be a good example for everyone sooo eagerly followed. May we be his compass to maintain his clean lifestyle and continue his unrelenting in his all aspects of development…professional, personal, cultural/social..and etc

  3. Joena says:

    He deserves it.💕

  4. Anonymous says:

    He deserved it

  5. Anonymous says:

    So proud of Seung Gi!

  6. Jenny Pandong says:

    #1multi-talented star Lee Seung Hi😍😍😍

  7. cherry sardoncillo says:

    Super the best and the great korean actor i’ve known…so love this guy wither drama into actions so incredible…the best! His Perfect!! Hope to make more series and movies in a future..godbless u always lee seong gi!! Aja💪🥰

  8. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely brilliant in all spheres. Extremely charismatic, multi talented and multi faceted. Stay safe and God bless. Look after yourself and don’t burn out.

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