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“Actor Lee Seung Gi’s Movie-Like KB Financial Group Ad”

YouTube views surpassed 4.4 million already!! 🤩 It’s now playing amid acclaim on KB Financial Group’s channel!! Go! Go! View this post on Instagram 벌써 유튜브 조회수 440만 돌파!!🤩 ⠀ 지금 kb금융그룹 채널에서 절찬 상영중!! Go!Go! ⠀ ⠀ #이승기#leeseunggi#kb금융그룹광고 #후크엔터테인먼트#후크스타그램#hookentertainment#hookstagram … Continue reading

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20.06.05 Hook congratulates Lee Seung Gi on debut anniversary

Sincere congratulations on our Lee Seung Gi actor-nim’s 16th debut anniversary 🥳 We’ll always support our Lee Star-nim as an actor, a singer, and an entertainer 🙏🏻 #20200605 #데뷔16주년을축하해요 #LeeSeungGI_16th_Anniversary #이승기도아이렌만봅니다 #LeeSeungGiHasEyesForAirenOnly credit: hook_entertainment English translation: tryp96

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Volleyball SeungGi GIF 2

source: http://www.leeseunggi.com/

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