Airen Fan Union Gifts for Lee Seung Gi 16th Debut Anniversary

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Happy Seung Gi's Day = Happy Airen Day . 오늘이 아이렌데이인가 봐요. 우리 스타가 갑툭 인별라이브까지 해주시다니..ㅎㅎ It feels like Valentine Day today. Our star even gave us an Insta Live out of the blue which totally caught us by surprise hehe . 팬연합으로 준비한 케이크와 꽃바구니 선물들은 잘 전달했습니다. Through the Fan Union, cake, flower basket and gifts have been delivered safely. . 가수, 배우, 예능 승기 캐릭터로 만든 뱃지액자~ 완전 예쁘죠? 실물은 더 예뻤다는~ Badges made up of Singer, Actor, Entertainer characters~ Aren’t they very pretty? The physical item is even more pretty~ . 미니버블과 오브로 축하 분위기 좀 냈어요. 승기님 인별라이브 때 보셨죠? Using mini balloons and big balloons to bring out the celebration atmosphere. You probably have seen it via Seung Gi's livestream just now, right? . 16년을 함께 한 아이렌~ 우리 스타 승기님이 20년 금방이라네요.ㅎㅎ 우리 20년까지 쭉 함께해요. Airen who have been together for 16 years~ Our star said that 20 years is coming soon hehe Let's stay together for 20 years. . 승기님 데뷔 16주년 진심으로 축하드립니다. Seung Gi, our sincere congratulations on your 16th Debut Anniversary. . #이승기데뷔16주년축하해
#AirenHaveEyesOnLeeSeungGiOnly Last but not least, thank you to all our Worldren from all over the world for the beautiful videos and images you came up with~ Thank you all our countries staff who have been working selflessly for the World Airen Fan Community all these years~ Let’s continue to stay together for @leeseunggi.official ❤️

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credit: lsgkwa

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