Lee Seung Gi Seoul Bumpkin Busan Filming BTS Video

This is a very long video from the show’s marketers, with only a few glimpses of SeungGi, so I made screencaps of some of the highlights for those who might not have the patience to watch the entire video.

It was supposed to rain, but it was sunny & hot. “Weather Fairy Lee Seung Gi, please explain!”

They spotted a picture of SeungGi outside of another dwaeji gukbap restaurant. “Oh, there’s Lee Seung Gi. As expected, 1 Night 2 SeungGi (word play on 1N2D).”

Whose autograph would you want? “Lee Seung Gi.”

“SeungGi did such a good job at the (poop bridge) fan signing!” (They called it ‘poop bridge’ because the place was under a bridge and it smelled like poop!)

“Top MC Lee Seung Gi’s hosting skills in action!!”

“He started early in the morning, but didn’t lose any spirit!”

credit: TheChtvn
English translation: tryp96

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1 Response to Lee Seung Gi Seoul Bumpkin Busan Filming BTS Video

  1. elvigallano says:

    What a work for everyone to create a show! Makes me even more grateful n prayerful for everyone connected with d show-safety n happiness.

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