Special Forces Soldier Lee Seung Gi Anecdote 2

A dclsg fan shared a story she heard:

The place where Seoul Bumpkin had dinner in Cheongju is the main location of a famous restaurant. A friend who’s a regular at that restaurant heard this story from the female owner. The restaurant has a steady flow of regular customers, so the owners completely avoid being on TV. Seoul Bumpkin production team kept requesting to use the location for filming, but they said no. They finally gave permission when they were told that SeungGi would be there; the female owner said it was because SeungGi is very lovely & gives a good impression.

Then she told a story from SeungGi’s military days.

SeungGi’s unit was in Jeungpyeong & it doesn’t take long to get there from Cheongju by car. SeungGi lived in Cheongju when he was young, so he probably tried that restaurant before.

On a regular basis, SeungGi took his juniors there in 2 taxis, & he treated them to unlimited meat and drinks. Every time they went, the juniors really ate a lot, and SeungGi was always very happy. Seeing how generous he was, the owner praised him endlessly & said he was so beautiful & lovely. She also said he was polite, his personality was really good, and he was a good person.

Honestly, he could have just ruled over those juniors who are so much younger than him, but for him to continuously take so many juniors out and buy them food, no matter how rich he is, I think it would be difficult if he didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart.

He’s truly the king of kindness and awesomeness.
I’m truly proud and happy to be a fan of such a person.

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96

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2 Responses to Special Forces Soldier Lee Seung Gi Anecdote 2

  1. Joyriena Lynn M. Sevo says:

    i love & Lee seung gi

  2. Patricia says:

    Hola soy de Argentina me encanta este actor lo descubrí hace un año y vi casi todo lo que hizo algunas cosas no la encuentro por internet pero realmente todo lo que hace se nota que entrega todo. Soy fan desde Argentina.

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