“A Glass of Soju” Lee Seung Gi Lyrics Version

Sabu said the lyrics SeungGi wrote were very professional, and classy like SeungGi; he didn’t pick SeungGi’s version because it’s not pathetic enough. 😛

“Please make a song with these lyrics… ㅠㅠㅠ”

“How are you doing?” I write and then delete this plain text message over and over again

I know there’s already someone other than me by your side who satisfy you

Yet I keep pacing back and forth in front of your house lamely again, as if it’s a coincidence

“I’m sorry. Please come back again.” I begged like crazy.

credit: sbsnow
English translation: tryp96

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1 Response to “A Glass of Soju” Lee Seung Gi Lyrics Version

  1. Pirjo Eckhell says:

    Lee Seung Gi, du är min stora idol, jag bara älskar dig fast jag kunde vara din mor, men din röst ger så mycket tröst i dessa Corona tider… när kommer din nästa skiva? Håll dig frisk!! Hälsningar från Sverige, Sweden in North of Europa. Kram.

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