The Next Ten Years?

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for the kind words, warm wishes & congratulations here and on Twitter & Facebook. I really couldn’t have kept this blog going for so long without the constant help, support, and encouragement from you, my fellow Airens!

Now one of the fellow Airens has suggested that we do something interesting and meaningful to commemorate this blog anniversary. By remembering the past and imagining the future! So feel free to tell us how you became a fan of SeungGi, what your most memorable SeungGi moment is, etc. etc. and what your wishes are for the next 10 years. 😀

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11 Responses to The Next Ten Years?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Always thankful for your updates! Fighting to your blog!

  2. Liliairen says:

    Thanks tryp for giving us opportunity to share our best moment here. For me, i know lee seunggi started from cha daewoong. Before that i watched countless of dramas and already get into kpop, but no one left me big impression as how lee seunggi does. Starting from that I started to know him as a singer thru losing my mind song. That’s where everything started. Glad that I found him on 1n2d during the first time I subscribed that channel on tv. Starting from that, I visit your blog often and every single time to know his latest updates and read his past moments. I never know i will stay this long as a fan (9 years for me) , but i think because he is Lee Seunggi, i cant resist to keep on being a fan. The best moment of course meet Seunggi face to face hehe. I wish we can meet him again and this pandemic will end soon. Thanks tryp, airens and seunggi ^^.

  3. Pirjo Eckhell says:

    You ones said that it is older ladies who like you and your songs, i’m one of them, but still, I listen 24/7. I found You on Netflix, a series of “Nine-tailed fox” and I saw a very charming guy….after that I have seen everything you have filmed, not only on Netflix but also /Rakuten….Wooow. And now I’m waiting for the 2:nd season to Vagabond…Mouse…and please please how it is with the Koreans Odysse’e???? today I will get a photo of You 50×70 cm which I will have in my living room so I can see and talk to You every day… MY best regards and good luck whatever You want to do in the future. Yours for ever!

  4. AY says:

    My first encounter with Seung Gi was through the TV screen. I was surfing the channels and saw ‘Infamous Chil Sisters’. Honestly, the Seung Gi in the drama did not make an impression. I only vaguely remembered him as Lee Seung Gi. But then, in the weeks that followed, I saw news on the subway about Lee “x” Gi getting the swine flu. And then I read in the newspaper that Lee “a” gi was in Singapore. And then Lee “b” Gi had a fan signing. Being a non-fan, ignorant about Kdrama, I did not know that those were actually 3 actors. I thought to myself, ‘Gees, this guy is really popular. He is everywhere!!!’.

    Then came Brilliant Legacy.

    After BL, I began to search for news on Lee SEUNG Gi and found THIS site… and the rest is history.

    The next 10 years? I hope Seung Gi will get the Daesang Triple Crown. He already has a Daesang in variety. I hope he gets and a Daesang for acting (preferably in both drama and movie) and music. Too greedy? I think he can do it. As for this site, i hope it will go from strength to strength, just like Seung Gi. And Tryp, I can never thank you enough for your contribution to Seung Gi’s international fandom.

    Near future? I hope to meet Tryp and other airens again soon in a concert in Seoul. Fighting!!

  5. KalAi28 says:

    How I became a fan of Seunggi? It’s because of MGIAG, the song “I love you from now On” led me to become an Airen. I fell in love with the song, that’s where I learned that LSG is a singer too! I started searching for him on the internet and found your blog.
    I’ve read every single page of this blog even the previous blog… tumblr?😁 Anyway, little did I know that I am already falling for him. OMG! 😍 Everyday I would always refresh your blog for updates, watched all his shows and video clips and listen to his songs even when Im sleeping! I was hooked and for sure no turning back! 💗
    Everyday is Leeseunggi day for me, it has been 7 years and a half. I may not be as active as I used to now, I may not have travelled to diff countries for him but Lee Seung Gi will remain in my heart forever! My first and my only! My most memorable moment, of course!! when he had his 1st ever FM in Manila! ….. and looking forward to the next! A concert hopefully 😍
    Thank you Tryp for all your hardwork and thank you for giving me the chance to reminisce those wonderful days when I was so head over heels in love with Seunggi and still in love until now! 😜
    The next 10 years, I wish he will get to be recognized more Internationally. I hope he will win more awards (Daesang!) as a singer, actor and entertainer. I want him to be really happy. As long as I can, even when I get old and my hair turns gray I’ll be here to support him. And hopefully this blog will still be our best source of all Seunggi stuff, like Seunggi said we’ll grow old together! 💕

  6. Rika says:

    Thank you tryp nim for giving me this opportunity to share my best momment here, it was when i meet Lee Seung gi for the first time when he came to hk for photoshot magazine in 2012, i was so nervous yes so excited waiting for him to arrive at airport ,and we (i with my friend) send you email for the flight detail and yes you replay our mail👏, is really big help,i feels more calm😂 knowing the arrival detail . and i still remember that day when he shake my hand i can feels his hand so warm and soft.and OMG he so charismatic🤩 i still remember i get starstruck when i see him walk from the back,,his shoulder 🤩❤ and the way he walk🤩 ( Lee Jae Ha mode on his prince Aura ❤ ) .best momment in my life to finally i can see him up to close ,and second time when i meet him at his fanmeet in 2013 in s’pore i feels so grateful,i never thougth i can meet him again,thanks to god that i can meet him again, really2x i feels so blessed.and for the next 10 year, i may move to country side and pensiun and getting old 😅 but ( i can imagine i can still fangirling like now keep digging your blog ,twitter,fb,everyday✌😄 to get the newest news and hoping to meet him again. and my wish he will get Daesang as actor and as singer ,and hope he can have happy family too.Tryp nim thank you so much for always provide us best content in your blog for our Lee Seung Gi.i remember back then you are the only source i have about LSG,when me and my friend meet & chat back then you and your blog always be our topic ( when we talk about seung gi 😂 ( we always say lets just go tryp to found the seung gi news 😂) i have no twitter or ig or fb back then .i will keep loyal and be your fan and your blog 10 year later or many2x year later.❤.take care tryp Nim and please stay healthy.

  7. Busola says:

    I caught up with my ex last week and he asked me how is lee seung gi? I seriously died of laughter. I guess that’s what everyone knows about me.

    I first came across lee seung gi in Xman, I randomly saw a video of him dancing and I was like who is this cute teddy bear. I researched into the show, watched every single episode with him in it and fell in love.
    His voice, his dimples, his personality… and the rest was history.

    I remember buying a dvd box set of brilliant legacy and every single member of my family watched that drama.
    My mum had watched it like 10 times already. A few months back she was watching her yearly fix and my brother(who was like 15 at the time it came out), sat and watched it again. He was like oh ‘shining interitance’ he just likes lee seung gi and that drama, he has never watched any korea drama apart from lee seung gi dramas. Lol.

    But yea been a fan since 2006 and still going strong.

  8. Tammy says:

    Thank you!
    I have only recently discovered our boy. 1st saw him last year in A Korean Odyssey on Netflix AU , then I heard him sing… 😍 and I was hooked 🤩 He is Amazing and so versitile, and as I havent found a streaming site that I can watch ALL of his shows
    ( especially the variety shows eg MITH ) your updates are a saviour!! 🙏 Congratulations on 10 years 🥂
    I hope all our futures are brighter and that my Immortal LSG continues to bring us amazing roles and that he finds a partner that makes his life complete ❣️

  9. Kati says:

    I became a fan 6 years ago. It was a hard period of my life, I lost my job and everything looked hopeless. I really like K-dramas and at that time I watched a funny drama which was MGIAG. At first it was just a drama, but later I found out that the main actor is a singer who sang two songs of the drama. He moved something in me with his beautiful voice. I started to search about him, listened some of his musics and I felt something. It was like a miracle. The best song was Smile boy which gave me a lot of power even though I didn’t understand the lyrics. But I listened to it every day. Than things happaned on their own way, music, dramas varieties. I can’t imagine my days without Seung Gi’s songs. I also became the editor of a blog, try my best to translate and share information with the Airens of my country, but I can’t do as good job as you, Tryp.
    Next 10 years? I still will be a fan, follow and support every project Lee Seung Gi is in and read your blog regularly.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love SG very much and had followed you this blog from the end of 2011, you’re great and supportive Airen for Seung Gi and his fans. I love this blog very much~Thank you soooo much^^ Keep Fighting!!

  11. Seunggilynlee26 says:

    Since I accidentally watched lsg in my girlfriend is a gumiho on TV I find him cute and I liked his style of acting. I started searching him in social media and I found out that he was a singer and I fell in love with his voice and being called as a ballad prince suits him I love ballad songs I started again searching his song’s with english sub on YouTube to understand his song much better then in the process I found out his doing variety show and started watching 1n2d season 1 it’s give me so much laughter became my stressed reliever and I decided to follow him on his social media account and be a member of every fan group that only lsg is featured and watching every drama, movie, variety show in Viu and Netflix I even listening his songs on Spotify and watched his concerts on youtube and start downloading it!
    I love watching LEE SEUNG GI in everything that he does even modelling and I want to be one of his Airen Forever …
    I’m Proud of him aside from those achievements he’s humble and líke to interact with his AIREN’S he’s really something a One of a Kind.
    Travel to Infinity♾️ with You❤️💝💜💋
    My One and Only King🤴🏾😘🥰
    #LeeSeungGi #이승기

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