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Lee Seung Gi ‘The Ordinary Man’ is Hot

The articles are very long, so I did some summarizing:

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Sing Again CP “Casting Lee Seung Gi was a Stroke of Genius”

It’s a long interview with the producer, I’m only translating SeungGi’s part.

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Singer Lee Seung Gi HQ Profile Photo

SeungGi’s profile photo has been updated on all the music sites. source: melon

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20.11.23 Lee Seung Gi Sing Again Ep 2 Preview

credit: JTBCentertainment

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20.11.16 Lee Seung Gi Sing Again Ep 1 Cuts

It’s hard being an MC’s fan… 😛

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[Eng Sub] 20.11.15 Lee Seung Gi Naver NOW Comeback Show Cut

Many thanks to AnnMichelle for sharing this very touching video! English translation & subbing by AnnMichelle/LSG Bar Facebook

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Brain Study English Lesson of the Day: The Ordinary Man

The person running Brain Study’s IG account deserves a raise. 😆

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