Audio: Lee Seung Gi 7th Album “The Project”

*updated* This is from the YT channel that’s hosting Gallery Talk later today, so I’m assuming that this video is sanctioned:

And these are from YouTube Music:

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2 Responses to Audio: Lee Seung Gi 7th Album “The Project”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful songs 🙂 Just love them.. nice and soft voice

  2. revolu says:

    I think the album is pretty good

    I think i am just a little disappointed in the title song, like its a decent song, but they said its a rock ballad, but only the instrumentals are rock, the melody is less of a rock ballad. I think i was just expecting something similar to style of Forbidden love or Thorn. I think Brave Brothers was just not the right composer for a rock ballad.

    But the other 3 songs are really good, Ordinary Man is actually really good. Your Eyes hands and lips and the dreamers dream is also very nice

    And they said the other songs are remastered, does that mean Seung Gi rerecorded the vocals, cause i cant really tell.

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