[Eng Lyrics] Lee Seung Gi – The Dreamer’s Dream

I guess the title could be either The Dreamers Dream or The Dreamer’s Dream, but it is a very meaningful song regardless. A big thanks to HopesAiren for making the video and this nice summary: “6th track of Lee Seung gi’s 7th album “The Project”. Produced and written by Nell Kim Jong Wan after numerous discussions with Lee Seung gi, The Dreamer’s Dream represent the artist’s reflection on his life, especially as a well known figure of the Korean entertainment.”

credit: HopesAiren

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6 Responses to [Eng Lyrics] Lee Seung Gi – The Dreamer’s Dream

  1. Oh, Dreamers’Dream or Dreamer’s Dream….so love the message…

  2. Just Hope says:

    Thank you for posting it, the second I knew Nell KJW produced this, it was declared my favourite, listening to it only confirmed it. This is a very meaningful song that many could relate to, and Seung gi’s feelings could be felt throught the entire song, very amazingly conveyed, so I hope it could reach a lot of people.

  3. Cherry Budy says:

    I love all his songs from his 7th album. I’m having a dilemma which should be #1. When I listen to each one like this, I’d say this is my new favorite…but then, when I get to hear the other tracks, I’d tell myself, this one is a favorite too…I can’t make up my mind.LOL! One thing I am sure of, Dreamer’s Dream is daebak!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations 👏👏👏

  5. Pirjo Eckhell says:

    What a wonderful song, thank you !

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