[Eng Sub] Lee Seung Gi x Lee Min Ho Ep 2

credit: leeminhofilm

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3 Responses to [Eng Sub] Lee Seung Gi x Lee Min Ho Ep 2

  1. I truly feel like a grandma wanting to hug them both and give them the assurance that they are both gift to each other, they are on the right way expressing what they have PLUS here is Granny Elvi, continuously praying for both-safety & happiness including everyone they love-family, friends, relatives, everyone they work with and their fans.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a fan , I will now give LSG the alone time and space he greatly needs. I won’t ask for more dramas, tv shows,concerts and other activities you do for your fans. LSG please take care of yourself physically and mentally. When this pandemic is controlled and we are all able to travel- please take time to take that back packing trip you had been wanting to do. Just take some months or a year off for your well-being. I hope all your AIRENS can convey this sentiments to HOOK entertainment. We will always be here for you when you come back .

  3. lalaearth says:

    i feel sorry for our Seunggi. He appears so cheerful in his variety shows but deep inside he is burdened with the weight of the crown of his fame. Just like all the AIrens who saw this video, I feel like hugging Seunggi and telling him everything is okay, we love and understand him and want him to be happy and he will have our support no matter what he chooses to do as long as it will make him happy. After all, he has given us his fans so much happiness and he so deserves to be be happy in return.

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