21.02.07 Lee Seung Gi Jipsabu Ep 158 Cuts

credit: entertainmentSBS

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1 Response to 21.02.07 Lee Seung Gi Jipsabu Ep 158 Cuts

  1. daniela8088 says:

    I just signed up, thanks for receiving LSG updates. I discovered LSG via Netflix..about 5 years ago..since then I have always followed him. Following LSG, I became curious to know Korea and so my dream in 2019 …. I took a trip to Korea … it didn’t seem real. Wonderful trip, Korea is fantastic .. I promised myself to go back as soon as we have the chance … unfortunately now we can’t. LSG for me is unique, professional, he works hard to do his best, a simple guy despite being in his position. LSG is the child that everyone would like .. I wish him much happiness, success both in his work and personal life. I really liked the mini films made with LMH, together they make a beautiful duet, I hope that one day they can work together. For the latest LSG album I have no words … I often listen to it again … his voice and the words of the songs are full of sensitivity, passion, love. LSG is magical and a special guy. I wish everyone health and happiness. Thanks for this opportunity.

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