Lee Seung Gi to Reveal Hidden Golf Skills on “Team Up 072”

Not sure what the official English title is yet; I don’t know anything about golf, so my translation of the golf-related terms might be totally off.

The veil has been lifted from the new variety program/golf battle “Team Up 072” produced by SBS and OTT platform Wavve.

It’s a program where the three MCs – Lee Seung Gi, Lee Kyung Kyu, & Lee Seung Yeop, all well-known golf enthusiasts in the entertainment industry – will each form a team and compete through 3-par golf battles.

The “072” in the title means “hit ball” in Korean, and it also refers to the dream score of 72 strokes for golf amateurs. There will be surprising prizes and penalties based on the battle outcomes, so the battles are expected to be more intense.


The young golfer Lee Seung Gi who’s all-kill in singing, acting and entertaining has also attracted attention for his golf skills. Even though he only has 2 years’ experience, he’s quickly becoming the entertainment industry’s representative golfer with outstanding skills. Park Se Ri once said he could even become a professional golfer with his swings.

Ahead of the first filming, Lee Seung Gi has been practicing golf diligently despite his busy schedule.

The program will premiere in early July.

source: newsen via naver
English translation: tryp96

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2 Responses to Lee Seung Gi to Reveal Hidden Golf Skills on “Team Up 072”

  1. Rika says:

    Thank you tryp Nim for translating👏

  2. Kira Maunosdotter says:

    My dear Lee SeungGi….when do you take a rest, you are working too much, ok, you still are young but all the money in the world is not worth doing everything, we are concerned about your health and we love you soooooo much…..please.. slow down…love

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