AJW “Lee Seung Gi looked great studying his character”

Ahn Jae Wook talked about SeungGi in an interview yesterday:

“He has matured. I saw signs of him having put a lot of thought into acting. I’ve seen him since he was young, so I thought of him as ‘Little SeungGi’, but because of how he studied and contemplated his own character, he looked so great/lovely.”

“There might be some so-called leading actors who just immaturely memorize and recite lines, but SeungGi exudes more and more depth toward the end. I like the way he’s growing. SeungGi does his best in variety shows, as he does in dramas. There can be a sense of dissonance when you do variety shows and dramas at the same time, and that’s something SeungGi has to overcome.”

When asked about the scene where BaReum killed Han Seo Joon, he mentioned that SeungGi actually made up the line ‘Do you have anything else to say to me?’ on the spot and put it in.

source: starnews via naver
English translation: tryp96

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