Dispatch: Lee Seung Gi on a Date in Sokcho

Sometime late last year, Dispatch got a tip-off that SeungGi was seen playing golf and eating at a buffet with Lee Da In at a resort in Gangneung. Dispatch went there and saw them getting in the car. They went to a bank first, and then visited SeungGi’s grandma in Sokcho.

source: dispatch via naver

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15 Responses to Dispatch: Lee Seung Gi on a Date in Sokcho

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    JEALOUS!! 💔💔💔

  3. cami says:

    I’m so happy for him😍😍😍

  4. Extremely happy for our dear Lee Seung Gi, how sweet of him to bring her along in visiting his dear Grandma. He is of marrying age and truly, this is part of my continuous prayers-for his safety & happiness, including everyone he loves-family, relatives, friends, people he works with, those in authority of his profession & his Ariens! Granny Elvi got a clue in one of the comments of Lee Min Ho during their videos! From then on, I am just waiting and observing the sparkle in his eyes-eyes of a man truly in love. May you both be truly in love as your love for each other will conquer all the difficulties you may encounter! Giving you the blessings of your grandma from the Philippines!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aww what a week.. heart cant handle all the excitement and emotions, from 마우스… 집사부일체… to news on Hook and this. Happy for Seunggi and that he has someone to 💕 근데 왜 나는 조금 외로울까? 😅 hope airens can find ur own happiness too 💌 while we cont to find joy in Seunggi related content 🍻

    @tryp96 can’t say this enough but really thankful for ur efforts all these years keeping us updated 🙂 let’s continue to share this lovely space and support Seunggi always 🌻

  6. geeza says:

    i’m so happy!!!

  7. Kathy says:

    I think it’s awesome! It’s about time! Congratulations to you both!❤️

  8. Anonymous says:

    My heart breaks 😭Jealous

    • Granny Elvi here…so sweet of our dear Lee Seung Gi to bring with him his lovely LDI in visiting his dear grandma(now feeling I am his grandma)! what an endearing gesture! to me, this speaks of his true affection for his family & LDI…sending them my love & blessings, with grateful hearts to his parents, everyone who loves him, salute to his respond…been praying in very special manner since Ep2 of the films with Lee Min Ho. Good luck on the road he has chosen for now! Be at peace, so many are praying/wishing for your safety & happiness!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I read that some Koreans do not look favorable on his relationship. They don’t like the girl because she has been flaunting her wealth on her Instagram which her stepfather has taken illegally and he is serving prison term now. Those who can read K news can verify?

    • Anonymous says:

      regardless of what’s the truth.. hoping that Seunggi’s taking good care of himself right now

      to all airens, stay safe, take care too

  10. Percival says:

    I have interest in Seung gi like he’s my grandson. He has made smart career decisions in the past; I will trust him to make good decisions in his future. Nobody can work 24/7 and have a personal life. On some episodes on MITH he admits to being lonely sometimes and that he feels burdened to decide now to live alone or find someone to marry. He wants a loving wife and children. I want for him what will make him happy. The people he loves and cares about seem to be good, kind, decent people and he understands people well. So as he gets to know Lee Da In better, he will find out if she’s the real deal or not and I will trust him in making that decision. Let us all who care about him continue to trust him and support him.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just want to thank tryp96 for all your time and work to keep fans updated on Seunggi. I don’t use instantgram nor Twitter so I really appreciate you collecting info and putting it altogether. I am a fan who enjoys Seunggi’s acting, singing and especially his variety shows. I think of him as a multi-talented, exemplary young man who works extremely hard and tries to please. I think he is polite, kind, caring, and loyal. He is respected and loved by many in a cut-throat industry so I think he has proven that he is a good and decent man. So fellow fans let’s root for him to find happiness in his private life!

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