Lee Seung Gi Human Made Entertainment’s 1st Official Statement

I’m reposting this on the blog in case anyone missed it.

Hello, this is singer and actor Lee Seung Gi’s new agency Human Made.

First, we would like to apologize for releasing this statement late due to the process of establishing the agency.

As reported in the media, Lee Seung Gi currently has positive feelings for actress Lee Da In, and they are at the stage where they are slowly getting to know one another.

However, we ask that you refrain from groundless speculation and unconfirmed reports, and we hope that you will look warmly upon and support their relationship.

Additionally, we would like to express our endless gratitude to CEO Kwon Jin Young of Hook Entertainment, where Lee Seung Gi spent 18 years starting from his trainee days, as well as the entire Hook Entertainment family. We will continue to root for each other in the future.

We ask that you continue to show a lot of support for Human Made artist Lee Seung Gi in the future as he makes a fresh start. Thank you.

English translation by Soompi

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13 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Human Made Entertainment’s 1st Official Statement

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will forever support you LSG. Congrats and good luck on your new agency!

  2. rlvt13 says:

    I wish you every success in your new projects, and I hope that they will make you very happy

  3. Kira Maunosdotter says:

    I’ll support you and your new agency Human Made, good luck and happiness with all in future

  4. Anonymous says:

    wishing Seunggi all the best in this new endeavour ~

    no matter what, we know he’ll have put in his best effort in everything


  5. Anonymous says:

    Tonight I am crying, not because I’m sad that LSG is dating but because I read somewhere that a lot of fans are not supportive of this. I’ve always thought of his official fans-AiRENS- (I didn’t join the fan club), as being super special because they all love and support him unconditionally, never intrusive and respectful of LSG’s personal life unlike other toxic fandoms. But now the fans are divided and making me sad, which I’m sure is much more concerning for LSG. HE is 35 years already, I don’t want him to grow old and lonely and have a miserable life when he is not on camera. Remember when he had that conversation with Lee Minho, when he said that he feels that his life never belongs to him and he is always under a lot of stress, and we all feel sad for him. Why don’t we trust in his choice of a girlfriend the same way we trust him when he chooses a project. We all know he is a smart man. All I know is that when LSG is happy , then I’m happy too. I will support you for forever and unconditionally .#alwaysstandbySeunGi

    • Ada says:

      Thank you for your note. AGREE!! I am also confused with the information on some sites saying that his fan club in S Korea — NOT AIRENS — were the most upset over his dating. And now I just saw headline saying it IS the AIRENS?? Anyway, I am trying to just read good news and hopefully we will hear from him soon.

  6. Ivette says:

    Concordo com você. LSG tem e sempre terá o meu apoio e desejo muito que ele seja feliz com a pessoa que ele escolher.

  7. Ivette says:

    Lamentável o que supostos fans circularam pelas ruas de Seul. LSG tem trabalhado duro, dando o melhor de si em tudo que faz e sempre muito atenciosos com suas fans. A IMAGEM dele é intocável e percebemos o quanto zela por ela. Como todo ser humano busca a sua felicidade e merece todo nosso apoio e respeito por sua escolha. Afinal a sua escolha é por uma pessoa muito especial e não por sua familia. Vamos apoiá-lo. LSG, BE HAPPY! FOREVER LSG!

  8. Percival says:

    I have seen some vicious, mean, malicious statements on social media. Some fans are saying to stop dating Da In or his career will be ruined. So the choices he is given is to stop dating her and continue with his career or continue to date her and forget his career. Sounds like a type of blackmail. How cruel! Please remember 1) Seung gi is guilty of nothing except trying to please his fans, working hard and searching for someone to love 2) Don’t judge him because of who he chooses to date 3) Da In didn’t do anything criminal. She’s being judged harshly because she is rich and her stepdad committed a crime and she’s dating LSG. She was young when this happened and I really doubt that she knew anything about her stepdad’s dealings. I’m from US and don’t understand Korean culture that is so demanding and unforgiving to Korean celebrities. And I really don’t understand the vicious attacks on two people who simply like and are interested in each other and have done nothing wrong.
    I am a grandma who feels like LSG as my grandson. I’ve been hoping he would find his true love and find happiness and start a family before I die. It finally happens and all he gets is grief; I don’t think it’s fair. Do these fans who are so angry not want to see SG on tv again? Are they willing to lose SG just because of who he’s dating? Think about consequences.
    I don’t know what will happen but I really enjoy seeing SG in dramas, singing, and especially variety shows. It would break my heart to not see SG regularly. I worry about the stress on SG.
    Does anybody know what we can do to help?

    • Kathy says:

      I agree with you in everything you have said. I to do not understand the comments coming from people. As far as I’m concerned, it’s his life not ours!
      So I hope with all my heart that he chooses do what he wants. I also love his singing, dramas and variety shows. Watching his dramas, variety shows and listening to his music has kept me sane during this Covid crisis. Lee Seung Gi
      congratulations on your 17th anniversary and keep smiling!
      Take care!

  9. Percival says:

    Netizans are irate. They are giving SG two choices: continue with romance and lose his cf’s, appearances, doing what he loves, possibly livelihood and fans, or give in to public pressure from some and give up his love and chance at happiness. It’s a no-win for SG. I just really hurt for him being in an impossible situation. I’m sure he’s hurting right now also.

  10. Jean says:

    This is not a yes and no case.whatever he choose someone will get hurt.same he hurt himself too. I know a lot of airens are worry for him, I do. 😠 because the girl family members are very…very…😬bUT what to do.as a airens I trust him. I will support SG.☺congrats & good luck on your newe agency🌻

  11. Joanne Mondido says:

    If you’re really LSG fans why you don’t not happy he didn’t 2 young if LSG happy and it’s he really love her don’t be sad, be happy to our idol

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