Lee Seung Gi Jipsabu Ep 174 Still Cut

credit: sbsnow

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3 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Jipsabu Ep 174 Still Cut

  1. romina0308 says:

    Hi, ill just to report about Malicious and Liberlous statement against Lee Seung Gi, it was posted by the name of Yours1979 on IG, to malign and ruin his repuation and image and as well as report some Nigerian and African using LSG identity for fanmeeting amounting to 2500$ ast year and Orphanage 10000$ and sending malicious image that cant post on any platform, for ill resoect his right to privacy, and Scandal.

  2. romina0308 says:

    Hi,Hello.I hope that you and your Staff is in the good midst of Health and Happiness.ill just want to report two things as follows that will ruin image and repitation of LSG

    1. Public Scandal, Malicious Statement and Libel again IG with name of Yours1979, it was posted this morning, those statements attacking lsg personality and repuatation and image.

    2. Last year ill received a message with a name of Lee Seung Gi via IG for fanmeeting and reach out program like Orphanage and tgey asjed fir payment for fanmeeting 2500$ abd 1000$ for Orphanage.and tjey send me malicious photo of LSG. I hope lsg would look on thus matter,thank u

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