[Guest Editorial] AY: Seung Gi Fighting!

As many of you know, AY is a long-time Airen and also a special contributor to this blog. She said she had a one-hour discussion with a student who is a B*T*S fan on what fandom means, and wanted to get this off her chest.

Fandom can be a double-edged sword. Passionate fans can pivot a star to global fame and unlimited possibilities but passion can be irrational; and “overly passionate turned obsession” is dangerous. It can be controlling, restrictive or even damaging.

For BTS, global superstar, they won the hearts of millions of fans through their music, talents and amazing fan service. In turn, their troupe of Army fans empower them to achieve 23 Guinness World Records. If, on the rare occasion, there is any negative press regarding the band or a particular member, the fans, as well as other members, are quick to speak out and protect them. There are 7 of them to share, support and protect one another and they have an efficient and effective management company backing them up.

For Seung Gi, he has to do it alone.

I admit it. When I first heard the news, I was shocked. What timing! Seung Gi has just reached new heights in his acting career with ‘Mouse’. He hadn’t really had time to bask in the accolades when the news broke. Nobody had any idea that it was coming. It was so sudden that for a brief moment, I even thought it was fake news… But wait… isn’t this good news for him, personally and professionally?

Of course, being a fan does not mean that we have to support our star unconditionally. Very often, when a star commits a crime or has done something morally wrong, fans leave. But Seung Gi has done none of these. His ‘crime’ is that he is dating a woman whose stepfather committed a misdemeanour (stepfather–the bad streak is not even in her genes). Seung Gi is 34. Shouldn’t we be happy for him that he has found someone whom he feels comfortable enough to take to see his grandmother? Why the bad press… and the protest? Setting up his own agency is a new challenge. He is seeking new paths to achieve higher goals. What’s wrong with that? Many celebrities have done it. Why not Seung Gi?

I tried to come to terms with the situation. If I were a mother, and my son came home one day and told me he would not work for company A anymore and that he wanted to start his own business, would I disown him? If my son were dating a girl I did not like, would I turn him out of the house?

As LSGfan said, it is understandable that some fans needed a break because it is heart-breaking to see someone you look up to and care about going through so much. But if that is how we feel, can we imagine the pain that Seung Gi is going through? I understand the leaving but I do not understand the badmouthing. Is our support for Seung Gi so fragile that it cannot stand the slightest test? Is our love for him so self-consuming that we cannot respect his wishes and desires? Why did we become Airens in the first place? Because we like his works? Or we like him as the person we see? Or we fit him into the person we want him to be?

Which side of the double-edged sword are we on? Are we out to destroy him and everything that he has built in the last 17 years, just because…? Or are we standing by him as he scales new heights?

And then, last night, I read this on Tryp’s twitter:

Lee Seung Gi’s 20-Day Saga.
LSG who doesn’t have a single scandal & has been widely loved by men and women of all ages just spent 20 days that were more eventful & difficult than any other time since debut…

For those of us who stay, it’s time we come through for him. I appreciate those who try to keep up the support as it was during normal times. But this is not normal time now. We have to do something more to tell him that we are here for him and that we still care. I do not have any specific ideas as to what we can do. Maybe, we can send some words of encouragement to him on the official website, mail him a card, or just send him some flowers. In such difficult time, I am sure any small acts of kindness can bring immense consolation and comfort.

Stay strong.
Seung Gi fighting.
Airens fighting.


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26 Responses to [Guest Editorial] AY: Seung Gi Fighting!

  1. Kira Maunosdotter says:

    All his fans should show more love to Lee SeungGI because he has made a good choice with both the girlfriend and the new company and he is well worth it…Love you both!!!!!

  2. A says:

    I totally agreed with the “mother and son” analogy, especially this particular ”son” is the most sensible and reliable one.

    Over protective parents or fans can be harmful. He has a lot more years to go with his career. He needs to be happy in order to keep going.

    Personally I think this Hook / Humanmade arrangement is the best outcome. This way he can show his true colours via his own company, with Hooks can keep their hands busy doing all the PR and fencing from the press.

  3. Kathy says:

    In reply to the above article I’d like to say I agree wholeheartedly with what was written. When this first happened & I was reading the comments, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’ve been a fan of LSG’s for about 4-5 yrs. I fell in love with his singing and has continued from there. I’m so very happy that he’s found a person to be with & is happy.
    Please be happy and enjoy your life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    cannot agree more..fans can do any kind of form to support him..

  5. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    I agree. Many times Airens from all around the World had united and make donations, send trucks with food, etc. I believe We should figh the dame way. Sending a truck, with love messages instead for a change. Some Airens were using kind of a slogan that I loved , that basically read”Iam a Mother, I am a Grandmother, I am a Wife, Iam a Daughter…Iam a Lee Seung Gi fan, I am Airen” , We are with You Always, can be added at the end. Because to be silent, too suddle, its my opinion, not good. This is War and He Must know How many of His True Fans feel and that no matter what, we will be there. This attacks are so hard and He didn’t deserve it. We should fight 😤!

  6. Patricia Morgan says:

    As a new fan, I was taken aback with the negative feedback to LSG. I like him very much and support him him in his new business ventures. From what I have read, LSG is very educated in business and he has been in show business for 17 years. He knows the ins and outs of this profession. I have faith in what he is doing and support him wholeheartedly! I await in great anticipation for what is ahead for him!

  7. G says:

    I’m totally agree with AY. Yet, I do understand what happened to ‘those fans’ When I first see Seung Gi in flesh, I’m kinda understand the feeling: the sense to protect. Those protective feeling now being a double edged sword, AY has laid it down very clearly. Now, I only put my trust in Seung Gi and will support him no matter what

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s really sad to see things are turning out this way. We need to give him time. I am glad he is partnership with Hook. He needs help, he doesn’t have the experience, also his father can’t deal with it. Instead of setting up a team or looking for new agency, Hook is really the best answer. They know him better and they are willing to help. What happened is already happened, the damage already done, what they are doing now is reduce the damage to the minimum. Eventually, he will give us the answer. Fans just need to wait patiently and don’t do anything stupid.
    Seunggi Fighting!

  10. LifeFan says:

    A fan since 2009, I have been through a lot with Seung Gi. For more than 11 years, he has never disappointed me. He has become more mature, developed more depth, and worked harder than ever. I dare ask nothing more of him. I totally support his pursuit of happiness and a life partner. I wish him the best in the world. He deserves it.

  11. Ladyred Ortega says:

    I agree💜💚💙 lsg is should be happy in his life so as an airen i or we support him no matter what

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is it a misdemeanor to go to prison for economic crimes? Fans want to protect their favorite celebrities, what about the manager company? Where did Hook go after independent company news on May 24? Who was the first to take the photo of Seung Gi’s name off the website on May 25? Don’t blame Korean fans, there is no way to ask for help in those days, and the news and the internet kept attacking Seung Gi. What should they do? Korean fans know Korea best. Just as some Korean fans said, I don’t want to see Seung Gi’s name on the social page because of the girl’s family. Now your article seems to transfer all the responsibility to the fans who oppose this relationship. Sorry, Tryp96, you can delete my reply.

    • LifeFan says:

      My opinion is: anyone is entitled to her own opinions. But, as a FAN, she is expected to be constructively critical, when the occasion rises, of his works, and his works only. Not his personal life. Even if some believe the personal and professional can get mixed up. Seung-gi does not think so. He values his privacy and personal life very much (doesn’t anyone?). As a FAN, I think we should respect that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Celebrities are not responsible for fulfilling their fans misguided dreams and fantasies. It’s their job to give the fans great movies/dramas and other activities related to their work including fan events. If you are a paying fan club member who had invested supposedly lots of money , time and effort for your oppa, that doesn’t mean you own him or some part of him.His private life is his and he doesn’t need your advice or approval in what to do privately or who to date/marry. The fans might think that their oppa is misguided, still it is not your place to interfere in his private life. I’m sure your oppa has parents, seniors, friends and lawyers who can advise and guide them already. Now if you think he had disappointed you, then please feel free to unfan him but please don’t engage in activities like threatening to sabotage his fandom, hiring protest truck,and other inhumane activities. These are forms of blackmails and says a lot about your personality.Your oppa will grow up and mature and will make decisions sooner or later that will not meet your expectations or ideals;so just unfan him quietly. He has no obligation to be indebted to you until his death. He didn’t force you to stan him, to spend all that money and time on him.I’m sure by being a fan of LSG, he has given you happiness all this time that made all the time and money you spent on him well worth it.
    As for me, I will support LSG unconditionally and will be with him for forever. He can do anything,date and marry anyone he likes. I have been his fan for ten years now and will be his fan forever.
    As for his one man agency(HumanMade), I think his mistake was that he had so many projects/activities at the start that he didn’t have time to adjust yet. Add to that his dating issues (which was probably outed due to some form of retaliation), so everything became overwhelming for him. Remember he had said that he only knows how to follow and do what he had been told before. I hope his new contract with Hook is only short and soon he will be able to manage his company by himself. Probably hire a lawyer and other social media people who can protect him aside from his father.
    As his fan I think we should get a support truck (to profess our support and love ) as well as pay a billboard/bus showing our unconditional support for LSG.We have to do it in Korea where the fans are more divided because of his dating issue. I’m just glad that the international AIRENS are more supportive and understanding of him.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Seung-gi is the most talented Korean artist, singing, acting, MC, everything he does is the top level. If fans want to protect him, please show support to him especially during this difficult period of time, please don’t kill his career with over the board actions. He is not a criminal, he just falls in love with the daughter of a criminal. You may say he is poor in judgment, but even the smartest guy becomes a fool when in love. Just give him some time to and settle the matter. I trust he will handle it well. I want him to be happy and successful in everything he does. As an overseas fans, I don’t know much about Korea or what can be done to help there, but I show my support by leaving encouraging comments in all youtube videos & social media posts that I come across. I hope this helps.

  15. As an Airen fan i never thought to leave Seunggi’s side. When i heard about the news for leaving Hook Entainment I feel sad because being together for 17 yrs is not easy. Also having a girlfriend i feel happy for him as my son needs someone who cares . .. I wish him to be happy & surpass all this endeavors .. My support will always there till the end .. love u Lee Seunggi ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Percival says:

    I agree with what Ay said. I’m a grandmother & if LSG was my grandson, I’d tell him to just keep moving forward. I am happy that he’s dating. He asked that we not speculate so I’m going to wait for his decision & I will support whatever decision he makes. I hope he can find someone to happily share his life with and have a family whether it is LDI or someone else. I trust “grandson’s” opinion of people.
    I hope because of LSG’s new contract there will be a “change” in the Korean entertainment industry that allows celebrities more freedom to have a private life and a less restrictive schedule based on only what the management wants. Good for you Seungi for showing courage on the decisions you’ve made regarding your career and private life. Fighting!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    If you are his fan, you should support his choice. He is smart, he knows what he is doing. There’s no short cut. If things are not done properly, it will just go worse. It will continue hurting himself and his family and friends.
    I am surprised he is able to cope all these. He must suffers alot. Seunggi ah, fighting.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just finished watching the latest Jipsabu in Ulleung-do. I feel so sad for LSG again. He sang that will he only know about loving work , and just working hard til he gets to be 61. I think he’s sending a message to his fans. I hope those fans who are against his present girlfriend will have a change of mind. Please let him date/marry now. He has given us so much joy already and I think it’s time for him to put his happiness first.#AlwaysStandBySeungGi #AirenForever

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      I totally agree. He has given us so much joy and happiness through all his projects. Why can’t we allow him that joy and happiness too?
      Btw, AY’s words were taken right out of my mouth! Thank you AY.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love that LSG looks so happy now. His smile has always been so bright but his aura is even brighter now. Obviously, his gf is making him happy and i’m all for it.

  20. crazyahjummafan says:

    I know that some fans are worried for him and feel that his relationship with Da In may lead him into trouble later. I too am concerned. But feeling concerned and criticising him are two different things. There are already enough morons out there who say idiotic things like, “I thought he was a nice guy, now his true character is being shown”, that we do not need to add fuel to these ridiculous and illogical statements! He is still a nice – a very nice person, one who has done NO WRONG. His character has not changed. He is still the same Seunggi that we all love, except that he now is very much in love. so let’s continue to support him.

    • Percival says:

      100% agree with you crazyahjummafan! I also saw some of the reprehensible statements but I don’t think they could’ve been from fans. No way can you watch Seunggi on 2days1night, Strong Heart (the director even cried on Seunggi’s last day), MITH, and other variety shows and not see what a genuine, kind, caring person he is. He is one of the most respected and loved persons in Korean entertainment industry. How can you be a fan and then hate him and post vitriolic comments to try to destroy him only because of who he dates. That is far, far more reprehensible than anything Seunggi has or could do.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I have always admired Seung Gi’s talent and his many years of persistent hard work. However, I can also understand why there is an outrage about the girl he picks – it’s true that it’s her family that has engaged in criminal acts, not her, but it is also true that she has been flaunting her family’s wealth … Ultimately it’s his decision.
    I cannot help but think the whole saga was related to the the change of agencies and his decision to set up his own company. Seung Gi seems not fully prepared for all these. The Korean entertainment business is harsh, cut-throat and competitive. It’s all going to be invaluable experience for him as he matures. I wish him best of luck to sail through the storm, and will support him for his decisions.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the timing is weird – ending contract with Hook and disclosure of dating news on the same day! don’t forget that the dating photos were taken 5-6 months ago… Anyway what happened happened and speculation doesn’t help.
    Seung-gi has the right to love who he likes, he wants a family (he expressed that few times in different shows), and deserves to be happy. But on the other hand, Koreans also have the right to unfan him if they don’t like him anymore, even if it’s because of this relationship. I’m not saying this is correct (and threatening him with truck message is definitely too much), but a change of heart for another star is totally understandable. So it’s really up to Seung-gi to make the decision, he is a clever person and should know the consequences he will face. His fans also have to face the outcome if he chooses love over career, he will become a less popular and less active artist, with fewer jobs in future. This is the reality, it would be a miracle if he manages to have both at the same time.
    While Korean fans generally do not support the relationship, it seems that overseas fans generally support Seung-gi unconditionally. However, Korea is his base, if he is not popular in Korea it is not likely that he can spread his wings internationally. So only international fans support is not enough to help him survive this. I really hope that he can survive this crisis, cuz I really like him as an artist and as a person.

  23. Ana Cristina Calderón M says:

    Me uno a las palabras anteriores, encuentro que es ser mezquino al querer que una persona viva como nosotros queremos. Si siempre pedimos respeto para nosotros porque no darlo. LEE SEUNG GI es dueño de su vida y tiene todo el derecho de buscar su felicidad al igual que nosotros. El que lo queramos no significa que lo compramos para que haga lo que nosotros queremos. El es un grande y solo debemos disfrutar de sus éxitos y logros que tan felices no hace. Sigue igual LSG siempre voy a seguirte y respetarte.

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