Lee Seung Gi Chosen as New Origin’s Brand Model

It’s announced on September 7 that actor Lee Seung Gi has been selected as the exclusive brand model for Yuhan Care’s health & lifestyle brand New Origin.

As the brand model, Lee Seung Gi will lead the promotion for New Origin’s entire brand of health functional food, starting with the new product ‘Core Reset Protein.’ The company plans to expand communication with customers through on- and off-line channels, including TV ads.

An official from Yuhan Care’s BD & Marketing Department said, “Lee Seung Gi has established himself as a star the general public continuously looks up to ever since his debut with his honest and hard-working image and thorough self-management. We have chosen him as our model because we think his image fits very well with New Origin’s brand image of working hard for the consumers’ healthy lives. Lee Seung Gi is prominently active in various projects like dramas and variety shows; we think he and New Origin teaming up will create synergy.”

source: pharmnews
English translation: tryp96

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1 Response to Lee Seung Gi Chosen as New Origin’s Brand Model

  1. emmyvancouvercanada says:

    Hi Seunggi,
    Congratulations your commitment and dedication to your hard work pays off. I am extremely amazed of your performance and your humble personality. Lots of love ❤️ 🌻

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