New World PD “Lee Seung Gi x Eun Ji Won Chemistry Still Dazzling”

After working together for a long time through 1 Night 2 Days & New Journey to the West, Lee Seung Gi & Eun Ji Won know each other so well that they can tell what the other one is thinking just by looking at their eyes and expressions, and they showed chemistry like real brothers in New World.

As the production team said, “Every plan (for the missions) had him,” Lee Seung Gi showed off his leadership, guiding the members & making plans whenever a mission was given, & looking ahead to all situations. But Lee Seung Gi who was always ready to trick the members for his own gain and Eun Ji Won who was more keen than anyone else to catch that reminded them of Heodang Maknae and Eun Choding of the 1N2D era.

Jo Hyo Jin PD said, “Meeting after a long time, Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji Won still showed dazzling chemistry.” Go Min Seok PD said, “As usual, they went above and beyond our expectations.”

source: joynews
English translation: tryp96

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