21.11.02 Lee Seung Gi Jipsabu Filming BTS Group Photos

ODD: “It was so fun being with SeungGi oppa, the god and king of dance!”
RAGEON: “The practice-holic SeungGi oppa turned out to be a dancing machine! 😎”
Hyowoo: “It was such an honor to work with SeungGi oppa, and it was so fun. 💖 And thanks to Passion Man SeungGi oppa, we couldn’t stop laughing during practice. ><”
Yebon: “Energizer SeungGi oppa is the best✨ It’s definitely not because he bought us black pork. He’s just really awesome😝 Thank you~!~”

credit: moonlight_odd_, rageonlegend, jiyeon127and, seon.yk_, isakkk_woo, hyowoo.__, yebonnana
English translation: tryp96

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