[Eng Sub] Lee Seung Gi Human Table Episode 8


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3 Responses to [Eng Sub] Lee Seung Gi Human Table Episode 8

  1. Hly says:

    Hello. I’m a Lee seung gi fan from Turkey. I’m trying to sign up for Leeseunggi.com, but I’m getting an error in the phone number section. Even though I entered my country’s code and phone number correctly, I get the ‘enter correct phone number’ warning (+90 534xxxxxxx). I tried various combinations but always got the same warning. What should I do. Can you help me?

    • tryp96 says:

      Don’t include the “+” and if that doesn’t work, you can remove digits from the phone number until it’s accepted by the system. It doesn’t have to be accurate; you can always edit it after you register successfully.

      • Hly says:

        I actually tried many things. I entered the correct mobile phone number along with my country code. (+90 534xxxxxxx 90534xxxx 90-534-xxx-xxx etc) I tried with Korea country code. +82xxx. I tried with correct numbers of some hotels from Seoul or fake numbers with Korean country code. I used vpn. But none of these worked. I didn’t understand exactly what was asked. I sent an email to webmaster@leeseunggi.com. But no answer came.

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