Lee Seung Gi Shares Thoughts as The Law Cafe Ends

I only translated the quotes.

“It was a warm and delightful project, and I’m glad that it ended well with a good cast and crew. Working on a romantic humanist comedy drama after so long, it warmed my own heart at the same time, and I felt comforted.”

“Thank you so much to the viewers and fans who loved and looked forward to the drama until the very end; it was thanks to so much love from the fans that I was able to make it to the final episode. In the future, I’ll come back to you with better projects, better characters, and as a better actor. I’m thankful to the many people who loved ‘The Law Cafe’ and cherished Kim Jung Ho.”

Source: kbs via naver
English translation: tryp96

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1 Response to Lee Seung Gi Shares Thoughts as The Law Cafe Ends

  1. Maria Rodriguez says:

    So beautiful, excellent work as always. I look forward to another drama soon.

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