22.11.21 Channel A News Top 10 Lee Seung Gi Cut

Music Profit 10 Billion Won… Lee Seung Gi Didn’t Get a Single Penny From Agency?!

credit: @channelA-newstop10

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1 Response to 22.11.21 Channel A News Top 10 Lee Seung Gi Cut

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I’m just throwing this out there- don’t you think teacher Sun Lee is complicit in the mistreatment of LSG? For she’s the one closest to him in the agency and trained him in the early days after discovering him. Did she never tell him that he’s a good singer and successful at that. I’m sure he has asked for her help after he had been always told that he’s not good enough and a negative singer.
    I’m so hurt for him now knowing that he had been emotionally abused by the company all these time.
    You know what , I’ll keep clicking his you Human Made videos on you tube just to show him that he is very much loved by his fans. I hope you guys will too ❤️❤️❤️

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