A Childhood Friend Shares Old Photos with Lee Seung Gi

This lucky girl grew up with SeungGi, but she says it actually made her life quite exhausting because she always had to be compared to him (UmChinAh indeed!). She was at the fateful performance where SeungGi was scouted. SeungGi sang Kim Kyung Ho’s Shout, and she witnessed how crazily good he was as a singer. So when SeungGi’s mom asked her opinion, she said SeungGi definitely should seize the opportunity. Then for a long time, she had been proud that she probably had 1% influence over his debut. But after H**k’s abuse came to light, she wondered if she made a mistake. Then after the KBS Drama Awards, she says she’s not worried anymore, and she’s really come to respect and feel proud of him and his actions.

She wrote a very long post that’s worth reading. If I have some time later on, I’ll try to translate it in full…

credit: aaaesolic

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