Lee Seung Gi & Kang Ho Dong to Reunite as MCs for New Version of Strong Heart

This press photo looks new, so I’m guessing it’s the official profile photo for the show. SBS confirmed that the new show is called Strong Heart League, and it will premiere in May.

source: naver news

Lee Seung Gi & Kang Ho Dong to reunite as MCs on a reboot version of SBS’s variety show ‘Strong Heart’ by allkpop
10 Years Later — SBS Variety Show “Strong Heart” Returns With Kang Ho Dong And Lee Seung Gi by koreaboo

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2 Responses to Lee Seung Gi & Kang Ho Dong to Reunite as MCs for New Version of Strong Heart

  1. looking forward…wow!

  2. Laraib Ahmed says:

    Yes, yes and YES! I am so happy to hear this! Strong heart was my show! I remember what a struggle it was to find eng subs but I still watched, even now there are still many episodes missing but I loved it. Seungi and Hodong had such a great dynamic together and with guests and even when Hodong left and Seungi hosted the show on his own, he was very young but did such a great job. I remember on Seungi’s last episode the PD of the show and everyone else was in tears! (so was I haha). I am really looking forward to this! It’s going to bring back so much nostalgia!
    And not to bring any rumours but I also find this news very funny. Ever since the news that hodong wasn’t hosting Seungi’s wedding a lot of people, trying to hurt and shame Seungi, said there is friction but who knew this was in the works! haha Seungi is always going to be Hodongs favourite child! His Heodang 2D1N reference, if you know you know 🙂

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