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18.03.10 Lee Seung Gi Airen GoongHap Viewing Party Photo

So envious of the fans who could attend! credit: airen_fanclub Advertisements

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Lee Seung Gi in Psychology Textbook

This is a chapter on social psychology, and in explaining external & internal attributions in Kelley’s covariation model, the author analyzes “the behavior of a high school girl xx who goes crazy over celebrity Lee Seung Gi.”

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Lee Seung Gi 13th Debut Anniversary Fan Art

SeungGi’s 13th debut anniversary is almost here! Check out LSGKWA’s IG post on how to participate in the celebration hashtag event. credit: LSGKWA

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SWC Soldier Lee Seung Gi Doll

If any international fans are interested in the doll, contact cQ at I think the dolls are 30,500 won each + shipping charge. credit: cQ

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17.03.06 World Airen’s Surprise Fan Event

This surprise fan event was organized in celebration of the release of SeungGi’s special album. World Airen sent a care package that includes the special album, coffee capsules, and castella cakes to everyone in SeungGi’s unit yesterday. So the soldiers … Continue reading

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Like Star (Lee Seung Gi), Like Fan

I don’t usually post things about fans on the blog, but this is really sweet, and it doesn’t fit in a tweet. 😛 This guy has been a fan boy of SeungGi for 13 years! He went to SeungGi’s army … Continue reading

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2017 Valentine’s Day Gifts from DCLSG Fans

I think the person posting this might be a commissioned officer in SWC. DCLSG fans sent loads of chocolate/snacks to SeungGi for Valentine’s Day. The package just arrived today, and it looks like SeungGi has already distributed it among his … Continue reading

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