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“The History of Lee Seung Gi” Photobook

OMG, look at all these pictures Hook has been holding out on us all these years! 😛 😍

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A Sneak Peek of “The History of Lee Seung Gi” Special Album

*updated – 3 pics* The album is out!!! ❤

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Lee Seung Gi Autographed Steaming Pitcher

Haha, this is definitely the most unique and precious steaming pitcher in the world. 😛 To xx ♥♥♥ Because It’s My Coffee!! ㅎ Lee Seung Gi credit: gysezsot

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Lee Seung Gi Life-Size Heritory Display Photo

I think this photo is from 2012 F/W catalogue, but I’ve never seen a life-size poster/display like this before. So envious! 😛 credit: oz0981234

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Lee Seung Gi Love Forecast Fan Art 2

credit: everymoment

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2015.02 Big Issue Magazine Bonus Photo – Lee Seung Gi

The photographer just added this to her online portfolio: credit: zzuck

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KB Warm Winter Event Throwback Photo with Lee Seung Gi

This KB bank teller is a new mom, and she was looking through her old photos because she couldn’t sleep. She said this photo (featuring SeungGi’s manner hands) still warms her heart when she looks at it again. She said … Continue reading

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