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Former Dongguk Student Shares Photos with Lee Seung Gi

This Taiwanese girl says she actually chose Dongguk University Department of Cultural Contents for her graduate studies because of SeungGi. The first time she saw him in person, she was surprised by how simply he dressed (khaki sportswear & old … Continue reading


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Student Council President Lee Seung Gi Writes

This is such a rare find! A big thanks to AnnMichelle for translating and sharing!

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16.10.02 GFF Opening Ceremony Fanpics 10 – Lee Seung Gi

So these are from the person who took those daebak pictures that made everyone go crazy yesterday. 😆

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The Pride of Dongguk University – Lee Seung Gi

Dongguk University released a video titled ‘The Great Figures Who Brought Honor to Dongguk University‘, and not surprisingly, SeungGi was on the list. 😀

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09.02.20 Lee Seung Gi’s College Graduation Ceremony

English translation by jerseygirl0420 This is a really old video, but it’s never been posted here before: 😛 credit: dongacom via dclsg

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12.11.02 Lee Seung Gi Malaysia FM Fanpics 3

MeiLing shared these pictures along with a very nice and detailed fan account (which will be posted soon, I promise! :P). Since the files are huge and the fan account itself is very long already, I decided to post these … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi as a Test Question, Part 2

Like I said before, SeungGi’s name shows up in Korean test questions quite often. And here are some examples. 😛 Both of these are from a middle school Korean test. The teacher is obviously an Airen. She used SeungGi’s name … Continue reading

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12.06.01 Budokan Concert Photos Part 2 – Lee Seung Gi


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Music Station Weekly Ranking – Lee Seung Gi

This is a mainstream music program in Japan, and the segment ‘CD Single Weekly Hit Ranking’ reveals the top 10 selling singles of the week (Friday to Thursday). SeungGi’s ‘Time for Love’ is ranked at #8. Congratulations to SeungGi! And … Continue reading

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