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A little blog housekeeping…

I’m not sure what’s wrong this year, but it’s been one problem after another… After my home internet disaster (which has yet to be resolved), I was actually looking forward to coming back to work (internet!) today. Then I got … Continue reading

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A Silly Poll…

A big thanks to everyone who voted and/or commented! Thanks for humoring me, and thanks for your support! But please let me make something clear. I was not angry at the person who brought up this issue. That’s NOT why … Continue reading

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Notice Board IV

I am writing this notice with utmost reluctance and sadness. Honestly, after posting Notice Board III a few days ago, I did not expect to be posting another notice so soon. However, someone who joined us recently and has been … Continue reading

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Notice Board III

Lately, there has been some friction on this blog, but I have been too busy with work, life, and keeping this blog updated, to really deal with the issues at hand. Unfortunately, it has escalated to a point that I … Continue reading

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New Updates II

17.06.30 SWC Concert Fancams 4 updated at 5:58am PST on 7/6

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A problem has come up and I would like to address it before it gets worse. Actually, this is not a new issue at all, but I’m usually just too lazy to address it. This is just an example of … Continue reading

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Notice Board

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by the data recovery service that my hard drive suffered a ‘catastrophic head crash’, and NOTHING can be recovered. So the last few years of my life are really gone. 😥 Disaster has struck!!!

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