From SeungGi

2015-09-04 New Journey to the West Starts!!

2015-07-17 Everyone worked hard for 6th album, thank you~^^

2015-05-30 Airens whom I miss~~~ ♡♡

2015-02-13 Airens~ Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone ^^

2015-01-18 To Airens who I appreciate and love very very much!!

2014-12-25 Merry Christmas to all Airens~~!!

2014-11-10 Today’s Love!! Finally crank-up!!

2014-08-29 My own DIY pasta recipe

2014-08-21 On a rainy day, good morning~!

2014-07-23 To Airens to whom I’m always thankful and grateful ^^

2014-06-27 Airens, it’s been a long time ^^

2014-03-21 Would you like to see Eun Dae Gu?

2014-03-04 Bonus~

2014-03-03 2014 early spring is here, everyone~ Forsythia Airen Get Together~~!!^^

2014-01-16 I’m leaving a belated new year’s greeting and birthday appreciation greeting… ^^

2013-12-19 Is everyone doing well in December??

2013-10-21 Before October comes to an end…^^

2013-10-02 It’s been a long time, Airens~~~~!!

2013-01-13 ‘From SeungGi’ as promised~!!

2013-01-01 Let’s write another myth in 2013 ^^

2012-12-08 Tidying up December, the end… ^^

2012-10-20 Airen October Issue

2012-09-30 Have a pleasant Hangawi [Chuseok]..!!

2012-08-20 Hi~~ Airens ^^

2012-06-07 Budokan concert and 8th anniversary celebration!! Thank you all for everything~~^^

2012-05-26 It’s been a long time. This is South Korean King Lee Jae Ha^^

2012-03-22 Hi everyone. This is Korea’s prince Lee Jae Ha…!

2012-02-09 1 Night~~ 2 Days!!!

2012-02-04 It’s already February…!

2012-01-13 Happy Birthday~!

2012-01-02 Year of Dragon! Happy New Year~!

2011-12-12 You’ve suffered, everyone~~!!

2011-12-09 2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert D-1

2011-11-06 Hello! Airen!^^

2011-10-14 This fall is time for love..!!

2011-10-06 Reporter Lee speedily brings you October news!

2011-09-18 The cool brushing winds of autumn…^^

2011-06-21 It’s been such a long time~!!!!!

2011-01-31 Thank you for the birthday wishes~~~ Bowing my head ^^

2010-12-23 Merry Christmas

2010-12-13 Hello to our Airen fans~^^

2010.10.03 Autumn greetings at the start of October

2010.08.11 Hello! This is Lee Seung Gi~!

2010.01.05 Belated New Year’s greetings to Airens~! Come and get your blessings for 2010~!!!

2009.12.15 To the fans who helped me wrap up the concert successfully ~! Thank you ^ ^

Mini Album 5.5 Photo Essay, Part 1
Mini Album 5.5 Photo Essay, Part 2

Compilation in progress…


9 Responses to From SeungGi

  1. dalsg says:

    Tryp..this is another daebak~~ oh…this like love letter archive ^^ everytime we missed Seunggi ww can read again n again his message here. love u the most girl!!! ♥ gomawo

  2. SL Teh says:

    Tryp, thank you so much for the compilation…

  3. prisy717 says:

    Another DAEBAK idea from you, tryp!
    Thank you very much for all the updates and dedication, you are always the best 😀

  4. gildatan123 says:

    I really thankful to be part of this page…so that every time i can read updates about seungi…fighting…….

  5. T*T no messages for American Airen’s. ❤ seungi fighting

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for all the updates and dedication, you are always the best ,from morocain
    Airen’s. ❤ seungi fighting

  7. I never thought there is such a compilation.. my first time to venture into this page.. I am glad that I did. Thank you so much tryp for being so generous. as to share with us everything you know about Lee Seung Gi.


    Lee Seung Gi is my best korean actor.Three of his films i have watched kanchi,my girlfriend is a nine fox tail and the king two hearts where wonderful.
    LSG you are such a talented actor please keep it up fighting

  9. Anonymous says:

    gomawo tryp,,,,,

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